Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well.... right before we left for Christmas break to Illinois, I went to the ER to be looked at. Wonderful-Awesome-Tricare would not see me since I had some bleeding and instructed me to go to the ER. Which I did. And waited 7.5 hours to be seen. Super...

But on a GOOD note; everything was well and baby was fine :)
As an added bonus, the ER tech let me have a picture from the ultrasound machine.

Of course I was tickled pink (or blue) to get a copy, but my over-analytical, Google-abusing self had to note that they measured the yolk sac in the crown-to-rump measurement (which I am pretty sure they aren't supposed to do), so maybe my due date is wrong and it will get pushed to Aug 1.

Anyhoo, I'm hoping we get more info on the next ultrasound, and if not, then we are going to the place you pay to have the 4-D one done. WOOT!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dawn Laurice :)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart <3

I hope you ejoy your special day with the people who love you and know I am always thinking about you.