Friday, August 21, 2009

Alone during the day...


Woke up early to take Kristi to the airport. I'm so glad my sis was able to come up and spend some quality time with us :) She was such a big help with both the baby and Chewie. I hope she had a good time.

Getting Lizzie in the car...

Saying goodbye at the airport :*)

After I got home, I got to work. Vacuuming. Scrubbing. Organizing. It felt so good! Too bad I petered out early. I don't quite have the energy yet to go crazy. But I gave a good push and I feel like a million bucks.

Other than that, same ole same ole...
Boobie. Diaper. Sleep. Repeat.

Dinner was pizza. Simple. Since I didn't make it to the grocery store. Stephen had duty so he got home super late. I snapped a few extra pics. What a relaxing day :)


Another lazy day.
Lizzie must be going through a growing spurt because it's the second day of overlapping feeds. That's when one feed ends after the next feed begins. Continuous boobie time. Yay... NOT! Milk gets everywhere because she eats like a wild animal. It's kinda gross and Chewie likes to lick up all the spillies. Also kinda gross. Especially when he licks Lizzie. I try to keep it on the scalp only.

I finally finished downloading Skype so we could chat with Gramma on the web cam. It was ok. I don't like the idea of being on film like that and I'm not much of a phone talker so it's kinda difficult, but you gotta do what you gotta do. You also gotta do what Gramma says you gotta do! LOL!

Stephen actually got home at a decent time today! Awesome! It helps me so much to have the extra set of hands. And Lizzie loves it because I don't have time to hold her ALL DAY and when Daddy gets home, he can :)

I felt so good I even cooked dinner! Sketti! It was as much as I could handle and what we had the groceries for :) Lizzie almost let me cook it by myself too. Almost. Her growling belly led her to my arms a few minutes before I could get everything on. I finished cooking with her on the boobie. It was quite a sight I would like to think.

We watched Project Runway as a family and Stephen died on the couch. It's been a rough week for us all. After I got him shooed upstairs, I took a shower myself. Very relaxing. I took Lizzie in her car seat so she could be lulled to sleep by the pitter patter of the water. It worked beautifully and was noted for future reference. :)

Doctor appointment tomorrow. Hopefully Lizzie is gaining some weight. She certainly looks chubbier in the cheeks to me!

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katquilter said...

I love the pictures where her little mouth is all red from eating and her little belly is so round!

Also, what a BEAUTIFUL crocheted blanket in that last picture! It looks like it was just crocheted with LOVE!!