Monday, August 17, 2009

BBQ at the Taxson's

Remember how I said the Dr told me to not let Lizzie go more than 4 hours without eating? Remember how I said she sleeps about 5 hours at night and that's pushing it for the Dr's orders? Yeah...... Last night she slept SEVEN HOURS! I was so ashamed when I woke up and so worried! Poor baby! Dr says sometimes the bebes takes the long sleep at night and then she gets too weak to wake up and cry for food. So she sleeps longer, until she really can't take it, and wakes up starving! How cruel does that sound? Once again, Lizzie, please don't read this and inform the fuzz and/or therapist of how much this scarred you. Mommy is very very sorry!

We had a nice outing to the NEX and commissary too. Lizzie again did so well, I feel like she is such an angelic baby! So peaceful :) We bought some sustenance to take to the Taxson's for BBQ at their house. BBQ Chicken. A+++ What a glorious way to spend a Sunday: with good friends, grilling good food and hanging out. I love those guys! And I LOVE lazy weekends! We even finished up the night with a Redbox at the house: Fast and Furious. Not the best, but was good to veg out before going to bed.

Back to reality tomorrow. Gotta love busy Mondays...
Nakey Baby Pic!