Sunday, August 16, 2009

BBQ at the Wrigley's

Lazy day. Laid around. Watched shitty cable. Dozed. Offered the boobie every few hours. It was wonderful! I must do it again. Soon!

We did end up getting out of the house around 3ish to head to Elizabeth City, NC and BBQ at the Wrigley's. I haven't seen them in forever and Hannah is getting so big and mature! She's 4 already! I also thought it was humorous that we went to Elizabeth City, aka Lizzie's City. LOL...
oh wait....
maybe I'm the only one that got that... :(
Originally, the plan was for Mommy to get some drinking in and Lizzie to get some delicious boobie-gold slushie. I brought 8 oz thinking that would be enough. Well, I was wrong! Little stinker ate it ALL after about 6 hours and wanted more! It sucked because I had 3 glasses of wine and didn't feel safe nursing so we just came home. Too bad E City is about an hour away! Thank God Lizzie fell asleep in the car but she woke up about 2 min away from home and went NUTS! The crying wasn't too bad nerve-wise, but the guilt was HORRIFIC! I felt like the worst mommy on earth. Not bringing enough food for her. Who does that?!? I hope she never reads this and tells some shrink in the future how much it traumatized her. She was pissed!

I finally put her in an "outfit" too.
(This is Stephen's favorite pose of Lizzie's, with her hands and mouth ;P)

Up until now, her entire wardrobe worn has consisted of these amazing baby gowns. They are long sleeved with fold over hand covers to keep baby from scratching themself and the bottom is an elastic hem with no leg holes. Super duper easy to change diapers and doesn't clash with the cloth diapers. The onesies are sometimes too tight to get over that cloth diped butt and there's all those snaps to button and unbutton every time. What a nightmare. I love these gowns for that reason alone. But you can't wear loungy clothes every day so I busted out an outfit. I feel better now :) Back to the gowns...

And.... MORE nakey baby time!

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