Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dr. Appt @ 3 Weeks

Friday Dr Appointment!
Time to see if we have good weight gain :)

Back to Portsmouth... And a rare treat, Daddy got to get off work to come with us! And even, better, he does not have to go back. We actually got to the appointment a little bit early, which is very unlike me to do. After getting called back and getting nakey, we dumped Lizzie on the scale and waited for the doc to push the button that converts the readout to lbs/ozs. I don't speak metric so I don't know what 4873 or whatever grams is. Neither did the doc apparently. Stephen asked him and he didn't know. He seemed a little embarrassed. Anywhoo: 9 lb 10.5 oz! YAY! Normal weight gain of 5 oz a week and she doubled it. Makes me wonder if she was even low at all last visit. Chunky Monkey is still 75 percentile for head and height (still at 21 inches which is an inaccurate and unstable measurement anyway) but is now between 75 and 90 percentile in weight (no in between measurement). And the diaper rash we were fighting has a touch of yeast in it, so we got a script for medicated butt paste :) Doc says it is normal for babies who received so many antibiotics at birth.

Then we headed off to Dick's where I finally found a good backpack for Lizzie's diaper bag. It's so cute and I want to use it so bad, but I have to drop it off at the NEX on Monday to get her name embroidered on it. Now I just have to decide how I want it done. First or First Last? And Elizabeth or Lizzie? Decisions decisions. We wanted to do more but it was hot as hell outside. I hate August!

We ended up relaxing for the rest of the day (translation: snooze fest with Lizzie)

Stephen's dad got here late in the evening for a weekend visit. He was so excited to have him come see Lizzie and the house. They are actually planning on getting some honey do's done over the next two days and that makes me VERY happy :) It was a late night but we made it even later by watching a pap per view of Gran Torino, which I love. Clint Eastwood = My Bad Ass Hero!

And before I go, I'd like to share one of Lizzie's many many faces she cycles through as we attempt to establish communication with her in English.

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katquilter said...

How is it possible that she just keeps getting cuter??!