Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally assuming my Mommy duties...

My sweet little angel! Isn't she so peaceful?

Well she may be calm and beautiful now, but there is nothing calm and beautiful about the wreckage she left behind in my body. Yowzers! My eviscerated abs feel like they will never be the same. And they will never stop hurting! Thank God for narcotics, but those won't last forever. Not looking forward to that quickly approaching future *shudder*...

On another slightly personal note, do you feed on demand or on a schedule. I was under the impression that it was recommended to feed on demand, a fact backed up with lip service by the hospital staff, and I agreed. That's what I was planning on doing. Well, at Portsmouth, you have to fill out this little sheet tha records baby's bodily functions and food intake. It's very important that you kkep this record as it also gets recorded in baby's permanant file. So I did. And unlucky for me, Lizzie sleeps through the night.
YES! Unlucky!
Because that gets me in trouble! Baby should eat every 2-3 hours for breastfeeding and 3-4 hours for formula. After 5 hours without feeding, the newborn police will harrass you and threaten you. At 6 hours, they will TAKE your baby, do a sugar est, and FEED THEM! Well Lizzie sleept for about 5 hours and I figure, hey, that's fan-effin-tabulous! But the newborn nazis came in and made a big deal about her eating so I had to get her up out of her little newborn box-on-wheels, onto the bed, arranged safely on the bed, slowly put my broke ass on the bed, arrange MYSELF on the bed, and feed her. AND on top of all that, go pee. Going pee is about the most dangerous, uncomfortable and slow process I have to do right now. I waddle, say ouch a lot, and always barely make it. It's a 10 min process no shit. No pun intended.

As I am hobbling back from the ladies room, the nazis come back in, see the unfed baby, see the clock with only 20 min left until it's been 6 hours unfed baby, and get angry with me. Yes, ANGRY! Treaten to take my child. I wish you WOULD take y chid! I'd set your little nurses station on fire! The nerve! And you can clearly see the setup on the bed which logically will lead to a feeding. Lizzie was ASLEEP for God's sake. Real hungry I'm sure. I tried arguing with the nazis but no dice. The I mentioned that the only way anyone even knew when Lizzie ate at all was the stupid sheet and well, I could just write down whatever I wanted and magically it wouldn't have been 5 hours, but merely 3. Nazi didn't like that one bit. Nor did she find it humorous. But I did. And that's all that mattered :)

We still have no boobie milks in sight. Still doing the 30 min on one side and 30 on the other before allowing Lizzie to polish of a bottle or two. And my nips feel like one of Chewie's chew toys. Come on nipplys! Toughen up soon! I am pretty sure we are at least doing it right now. I am followig the lactation consultant's guidelines and sticking to my personal plan. Nursing is hard!

We decided again for Gramma to stay the night instead of Stephen. It's still way more beneficial to both myself and Lizzie. I don't mind at all since I seriously need all the help I can get. I am still in so much pain and can't be quick on my feet. I do feel bad for Gramma though. Everytime I get woke up by a Dr, she gets woke up too! Tomorrow is release day so YAY for that! I can't wait to get home and away from all the hospital-y stuff. And hopefully Lizzie gets her IV out tonight or tomorow for pictures. Or as we like to call it, her "Borg arm". If you laughed at that, you're a dork!

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katquilter said...

Gramma has nothing but the FONDEST memories of those days!! I felt so lucky to be there... truly!