Sunday, August 23, 2009

Honey Do Weekend!


Last night was the worst night I have ever had with the little Milk Monster. We tried to sleep in the bed with Daddy but by "we" I mean "me and him" because SHE had other plans. Plans that involved screaming at the harmonic frequency of my brain matter and playing hard to get with the boob. She'd latch on, give 4 good sucks and pull back off the nip like my milk had been diabolically switched with liquid hot magma. Yet 2 seconds later, all was forgiven and she'd give it another shot. Nope, still lava. Rewind and replay repeatedly for 45 minutes. Super yay. I wanted to throw myself down the stairs and veg out in a broken heap at the bottom, but I was pretty sure Stephen would just walk Lizzie down to nurse as is. Once we finally got the terrorist full and conked out, I looked down at her precious little face, all asleep and quiet, and wondered what the big deal had been about :0)

Super super excited! Stephen and his dad, Mike, are doing honey do's this weekend. I wish I could do more around the house and it kills me to stand on the sidelines while everyone else does all the fun stuff. I would love to climb up the ladder and shove around heavy boxes. So much needs to be done. But I am trying to take the doctors seriously and keep my activities light. No heavy lifting more than the baby and frequent rest breaks, napping when the baby does. But it's hard.

When the boys announced they would be tackling the bathroom upstairs, I tried not to get my hopes up too much. That bathroom is a terrible inconvenience. Shower? Yes. Sink? Yes, but no mirror. Toilet? No. When we moved in, it was imperative that we have at least one toilet and one shower. At first, that one shower and one shitter, in seperate bathrooms, on separate floors, was extremely acceptable. Better than nothing. But over time it became really effin annoying. After 6 weeks and house guests and a c section, the trip downstairs in the middle of the night to piddle was full of creaky knees and curse words. Needless to say, bathroom work was started.

After a trip to Lowes and a brief Sonic lunch break, they went back upstairs to work some more. There was a lot of noise filtering down and I was mega curious but I didn't dare go interrupt them. When I was finally called to inspect the renovations, I was more than happy. The toilet now works. Without leaking. The bald spot where a dilapidated 70's mirror once stood now houses a very large very nice medicine cabinet mirror. All the trash was lovingly removed too. What a wonderful Pinocchio story; Now it's a REAL bathroom! One major box checked off the Holy-Shit-This-House-Needs-A-Lot-Of-Work List! And a huge weight off of my shoulders.

And on top of that, they also deforested the backyard. It was absolutely overgrown and disgusting. Only Chewie would go out there and even he wouldn't venture to some corners. Mike used the weed whacker to pre scalp the yard and Stephen followed with the lawn mower which threatened to choke and die every lap. Unacceptable but won't happen again. I hope. The Chewie brownies hidden in the yard like Easter eggs were especially dangerous.

What a wonderful way for father and son to spend time together!

And Grandpa got to hold Lizzie and explain to Stephen how he loved to lie on Daddy's chest too and sleep. That really touched Stephen. Lizzie can sleep for hours on his chest and it's one of the sure fire ways to calm her.

And of course, something is still wrong with my camera. It keeps taking random gorgeous pics of Lizzie behind my back...


Last night was MUCH better, Lizzie wise. She slept, we slept, the stars and planets aligned and peace and harmony descended upon the Earth. No shit. Everyone loves each other again :)

More honey do's! I'm tickled salmon!

The AC guys ripped a hole in the ceiling upstairs. The hole that was already there was not adequate for them to get the air handler through. So they made a bigger hole. And then said they wouldn't fix it because they "didn't do incidentals". Nice. So the existing moulding and hatch cover no longer fit. Consequence? A gaping entrance to the attic where we rhythmically throw fistfulls of $20 dollar bills we no longer need. It needed something. Some kind of cover. Duct tape and plastic. A piece of plywood. A dead body. Anything. But for some reason it never made it onto the to do list. I had to helplessly watch as my broke ass couldn't get up there and do it myself. Anywho, back to the story. The menfolk fixed it good as new! Now we have to find somewhere else to throw our money!

We has em'!

The lights in the dining room and kitchen never worked right. Well, most of em did not work at all. We added it to the list but Stephen couldn't figure out the insanity that was the wiring so we were at a loss. Not any more! Mike got out his electrical widgets and they put on their thinking caps and became one with the little bastard electrons that had so far out witted us. They figured out the lines, rerouted or rewired or whatever, blew up a few toys and triumphed over electricity. The juice has been correctly corralled and now all switches and all outlets work. Let there be light! And it is GOOD!

They also did some fiddling on the roof,
(HaHa, get it? Fiddle? Roof? Never mind....)
What they did I do not know. I did not ask. Stephen spent time outside and got sweaty. That was enough for me. I was pleased. Maybe tomorrow I will ask what they did.

Inside, we were too busy getting some fresh heiney nakey time for a wee bit o diaper rash, per doc's orders. And spending time with Mommy's little helper, Chewie, who wants to lick the flesh off Lizzie's face. In a lovin' way...

OMG The camera went crazy again and kept snapping cute pictures!!


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