Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Monday/Tuesday with my Sis

Talk about chaos!
Ever try to get ANYTHING done, toting a newborn around?!?
It's damn near impossible!
Oh wait... I guess that's how it's supposed to be!

We really wanted to get pictures done with Kristi and Lizzie, but the packages seemed unreasonable and the one super duper over-advertised special was conveniently unavailable unless you made an appointment for at least the next day. Interesting.... So we made an appointment :)

We ended up shopping for random stuff because someone decided she required boobie milk NOW! I swear! We have GOT to stop taking our meals so crazily... After all of Miss Drama's shenanigans, I just wanted to go home. I stopped by the tax office to show Debbie the baby for a minute and then hit the road.

There is some odd waxing and waning disease that we are spreading around in our household. I think I had it first with a sore throat and eventually Stephen and Bud got it. Then it gained a few symptoms and bit us again. Then Stephen went down hard. Now Bud is down hard. And I think I'm next. We are all outbreak monkeys, continually reinfecting each other. I ended up sleeping most of the evening and then sleeping most of the night too. In between boobie feeds of course :)

We finally DID get the pictures taken today. They ended up so cute and I even got suckered into a few of Lizzie by herself. Good GOD that kid is cute! She may be the end of me... I can't wait until they come in and I can post them!

I also took her back up to the tax office so my bosses could see her. Everyone is so amazed at how beautiful Lizzie is. I'm not TOO surprised. I mean, she is part me! LOL

We had Ruebens at the Houser's for dinner. Delicious, mess in your pants Ruebens. I LOVE them so much! Yum! Owen was obsessed with Lizzie, wanting her to come out of her carrier and play! He kept pointing at her and grunting. So cute! On a more somber note though, Jason just found out he had orders to go to Bahrain for a year next year. Like, a year without his family. How insane is that? I hope I can be there for her and the kiddoes. She is such a good person and so strong. I know she will be fine. But it will still be rough. Hopefully it will go by really really fast...

And a few random pics to showcase my sweetheart :)

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katquilter said...

Great blog, Gena!!! I hope you will be able to keep this up because Gramma really needs to be kept in the loop!

That IS a really precious baby you've got there!