Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lizzie's first Dr Appt

Lizzie's first Dr appt, her 1 week, which actually happened at 2 weeks, went so-so. Unfortunately, her weight gain isn't what it should be. She should at least be back to her birth weight (9lb 5oz) but she is only up to 9lb 1 oz. Dr thinks it is a result of the postdural puncture head ache keeping me from concentrating on the baby and possibly the early formula supplementing also. We go back next week to check again. She also has some diaper rash and the doctor recommends more nakey time :) She is 50, 75 and 75 percentile for head size, height and weight respectively! Mommy's BIG GIRL! I also stopped back by the lactation consultant who switched my hold and showed me how to get Lizzie better latched to take in more boobie and feel less chewie. Very grateful. Thanks much! She wants me to come back in later and do a feed check, where they basically weigh her before and after eating to see how many oz she is getting. I think about 4 oz. When I pump after feeding in the am, I get 5 oz one side and 1 oz from the other. Durig the evening, I think she gets 2-3 oz though. I also have to wake Lizzie if she sleeps more than 3-4 hours for a feed. Sometimes she sleeps 5 hours, outside her one 5 hour night sleep, and Dr says wake her and feed until she gets back on track. Roger that!

Today was also Stephen's first day back at work. Paternity leave flew by! I can't believe Lizzie is 2 weeks already! I don't know how much Stephen cared for it, but I was relieved he went back. I feel so much more motivated to do house work when he is gone. I don't know why. I just can't do it when he is here. Maybe I'm jealous when he gets home and gets to sit on his arse and relax so I can't do work when he isn't! LOL But when he is gone, I feel like he is working so I should be too. Don't tell him though. He'll just recommend he "disappear" on the weekends so I can "imagine" it's work time. I don't want to give him any ideas ;)

I must brag again about this awesome consignment shop, Kid to Kid. They always have the CUTEST baby clothes, and I never pay more than about 5 bucks an outfit. Lizzie has so many clothes it's crazy! They have other stuff too, but I haven't found anything big that I love, like a high chair or crib or anything. I have also gotten hair bows and shoes and books there. And today I found NURSING TOPS! Yay! The really nice $25ish Motherhood Maternity ones. I bought all five of the ones they had. Only $4.99 each. Hello?! Can you say good deal? I almost cried I was so happy. I have been putting off getting them because I couldn't stomach the prices, but then I was getting so desperate to have anything at all that worked. Nursing in public or even around house guests is nerve racking without proper gear. I'm so happy now; I can whip out the boobies any time, any where! We also stopped at Target, partly because I needed milk freezer storage baggie thingies and partly because Lizzie was a SCREAMIN' in the car. Food. Now. I'm still getting the hang of things with timing her feedings. And it's harder since we're nursing and not popping a bottle in her mouth. Hence the need for nursing tops. :) I also found 5 sets of baby legs, which are super cute leg warmers, for like $3 each set. Another big score I have been wanting for a while. I can wait until Lizzie gets a little more meat on her bones to wear them!

Even more exciting, we had TWO meal dates today! First was lunch with my sis, Kristi and friend Kristy (LOL) and Dave at Villiage Inn. It was our first lunch date and Lizzie did amazing. She slept ;P The second was at Blue Fin, a super nice Korean and sushi place, where Bud treated us all to a delicious dinner out. She did amazing there too, but definately let us know she wanted to go home at the end of the meal. Her boobie appetizer was not enough to last until we got home! The sushi chef (and owner) was so sweet. He was telling Stephen he had an 11 month old and how it had changed his life. He said to respect the mom because she does so much for the baby and she deserves so much attention and gratitude. And how everything is hard at every stage, and it never lets up, but still you are just so happy. I was so moved by his speech. You could tell he just loved being a daddy. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it :*) It was a delight.

Lizzie at Blue Fin :)

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