Thursday, August 6, 2009

My sis comes to visit!

Happy Hump Day!

My sis, Kristi got here this morning. She will be here for 2 weeks :)
Not only did I get more baby swag, but she also brought stuff for Chewie! How sweet and very much appreciated by everyone, especially the furbaby himself. Tennis balls galore. Everywhere.
The bad part of it is that her arrival means my Mama will only be here another week :(

My poor baby Chewie. He has been so good with the baby, even since day 1. He is so excited but he will stay down and sniff Lizzie when he is near her. He really really wants to lick every inch of her sweet little newborn body. I only allow him to lick her scalp. I know, gross, but we have to make concessions where we can. He is acting so much better than I could have ever imagined. Poor fella deserves some extra loving for all his hard work, restraining his energy. Kristy called for a play date with Zeus and what good timing! Chewie LOVES Zeus! And I love Kristy. She always seems to know when Chew Chew needs some play time.

So when Kristy was visiting with us, she was also holding Lizzie. Now, you have to remember, this is only the second day of cloth diapers and there's a learning curve. There's edges that have to be lined up and overlaps that can't happen. There's possible wicking and leaking and all sorts of bodily fluid redirecting that happens inside those things. Kristy was mid sentence when all of a sudden she just looks down and gets a funny look on her face. "OMG she's peeing on me! She's peeing on me!" She lifted the little rugrat up and sure as shit, there was pee everywhere. Not on the leg or the side of the shirt but smack dab on the crotchy area. Piddle in the middle. And it looked exactly like she pissed herself! She laughed it off, which was good, because we all had a nice big laugh at her expense :) Good Lizzie!

And in pumping news:
I pumped a whole ounce! All at once!
Surely it's a sign of good boobie flow in the near future. I need some feel good right now because the combo of not much milk AND sore, cracked, bleeding nippolas is starting to harm my self esteem. Feel free to over exagerate and build up the importance and hoorah of this occasion. I need all the gold stars I can get :)

And Gramma made the very best tuna snazzy casserole ever! I always mean to get the recipe but never do. Consider this Public Service Announcement as a friendly reminder to myself. But if you know her, GET THE RECIPE! You won't be disappointed :)

Disgustingly adorable baby picture ahead!

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katquilter said...

She looks JUST LIKE HER MOMMY in this picture!!