Monday, August 3, 2009

Obligatory Weekly Preggo Pic Compilation :)

15 Weeks - Working in heels all day is finally taking its toll on my feet!

16 Weeks - Starting to notice it's much more difficult to roll effortlessly out of bed :)

17 Weeks - Stephen is getting excited and realizing what's going to happen: a new baby LOL!

18 Weeks - Fighting the pilonidal cyst but still smiling!

19 Weeks - Felt the baby move! Hubz can't feel it yet but it's a shakin'!

20 weeks - Halfway mark, feeling especially big, but it's a GIRL!

21 Weeks - My back is killing me! Is the tax season over yet?!?!

22 Weeks - Feeling the love of second trimester :)

24 Weeks - Slightly swollen feet so no more heels :(

26 Weeks - Officially in large maternity clothes. Bring on the food!

27 Weeks - I now require 5 pillows to be partially comfy enough to sleep :)

28 Weeks - Numb fingers and HEARTBURN!

30 Weeks - Packing for the new house. Do I really have 10 more weeks left?!?

32 Weeks - Let the feet swelling commence!

33 Weeks - Getting into the Holy Jeebus I'm too big to survive off the couch stage!

34 Weeks! And you can see I care less and less about my attire. Please pop soon LOL!

35 Weeks! Tooling around the house is getting so difficult!

(Unfortunately, we didn't take any pics after this due to moving mania, but I think it's safe to say I continued to get pretty big ;P)

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