Friday, August 14, 2009

Second week already?!?!

More adventures outside the house!
 I feel really good. My c section trauma is behind me and although my incision is still very real to me, it is no longer at the forefront of my mind. I have moved on. I never thought I would say that.
Today's agenda: Bed Bath and Beyond, Babies R Us, and Olive Garden. Kristy again saved the day by picking up Chewie and taking him to her house to have a play date with Zeus. This act of generosity maybe goes unappreciated fully. It saves our sanity as well as his. I don't know if he would even be manageable without these opportunities to blow off steam. We might of killed him by now. Thanks Kristy!
Babies R Us was Ok. I had to exchange the Snuggle Nest. I was worried they would give me problems but they did not. YAY! We bought more baby crap and debated getting others. We looked at the toys for Stephen. I don't know about that store. It's a tad expensive for my taste :)
Bed Bath and Beyond was a treat as always. I always wish I had the moolah to shop there regularly. They have so much junk that would make your life easier. Not very many things in there are "I would never use that" worthy. But I dood good and kept my monies in my pockets. It was hard. High five me.
Off to dinner at Olive Garden; Lizzie's first meal at a restaurant. She did marvelously. She only cried a bit to have some boobage which I gave her and she returned to la-la-land. One creepy older lady gave me the stink eye for whippin' out the boob, but I gave her the stink eye back for whippin' out her face so I guess we were even. High fives again. Oh and did I tell you how adorable the Milk Monster was in her going-out attire?
How can you not love that face?!?
I love her even though she pooped on me today. From afar. In an arc, across the room and onto my feet. Projectile poop. Ballistic poop. Yet still I smiled and wiped up the mess and giggled to myself. Little stinker. I shall remember this and write it down and store it on the interwebz to refer to at a later date when it will cause the maximum amount of humiliation to an older Lizzie. This is my revenge. :)
And I ended the day by sleeping upstairs. In a bed. MY bed. With my husband!. The toilet not working upstairs has been too much for my recovery. Having to venture downstairs for potty time was hard enough to keep me sleeping on the couch with Lizzie nearby. Stephen was deprived of his middle-of-the-night special Lizzie time. :( How sad. Now he doesn't have to miss it anymore! Super swell!
She's leaving already?!?
Gramma leaves tomorrow early am. I can't believe it has been 2 weeks already. What will I do? She has basically done everything I am supposed to do since she has been here. I have not lifted a finger to cook, clean or worry about anything other than relaxing, recuperating and bonding with Lizzie. It's been wonderful but now I am so spoiled! I dread having to go back to my chores :( LOL 
So today was "Enjoy each other day!"
Gramma needed extra Lizzie time and cuddles.
Gramma also suggested we start Lizzie on some tummy time since she has been really strong in the neck and lifts her head very well. She is also a bit gassy but not in a painful way. Tummy time really helped her get some tootin' done. Now it's a new favorite position. She loves being on her belly and loves it even more with music and vibration from the pack n play. One way ticket to snooze-ville. I approve!
Gramma also treated us to TWO cooked meals today: carbonara for lunch and chicken creole for dinner. Even after two weeks of being pampered, I am still very grateful for every cooked meal that is prepared for me. Thanks Gramma!
Daddy also got caught up on some Lizzie time before paternity leave is over and gone.

And another visitor today: Anita! I haven't seen her since Kristy's Housewarming Party and I was big and preggers while everyone else had fun chugging wine. Boo! Finally Lizzie and I are two separate people. I was pregnant when I first met Anita. Seems like forever ago she was showing us houses and making us laugh. She is the most awesome Realtor I have ever met and an honest person to boot. She always goes above and beyond and her energy makes me exhausted. Maye I can give her a run for her money now that I am getting smaller and more energetic daily. I cannot wait for our housewarming party :)

Gramma gave Lizzie her second bath ever and she loved it. Not at first. But eventually. We got it on the iFlip so hopefully I can learn how to post the videos soon. I tried the other day but no dice. I think I am missing something :(
In honor of Gramma's last night, we stayed up late and let the two of them have some more quality bonding time. Gramma will miss her so much and we will miss Gramma so much!

I slept downstairs so Stephen could get some good sleep for tomorrow. He has to get up super early to get Gramma to the airport. Did I mention how terribly sad I am that she is leaving us?
First day without Gramma! Yikes!
We decided to take it easy and not rush into Mommy taking over again. It was a quiet and calm morning and Lizzie took her time getting up and awake. She is so cute. Just like her Mommy, it takes her FOREVER to get her eyes open and alert in the morning. You have to wait for her to go through her entire stretching routine and watch her cycle through her million different faces.
What a prima donna!
And another new development: her umbilical stump fell off! I'm so happy because that thing kinda creeped me out, no lie. But even creepier than that was the fact that I couldn't find the damn thing at first. You know, her stump. It was just here last night and gone this morning. My first disgusting thought was that Chewie had found it and ate it. I know that's pretty gross, but he eats other dog's poopies so you never know. So I interrogated him whilst trying not to throw up in my mouth. He just looked at me like "I know I've done some nasty shit in the time we have known each other but good God woman, come on!" I didn't believe him one little bit, but I quickly apologized to him when I found it hidden in the folds of her nightgown. But even though I found it and he didn't eat it, I'm almost positive he would have had he got to it first. Nasty monkey!

YAY! Stump-less!
So the only other note worthy thing from today was the mysteriously fluid on the changing table. I think it was pee. It's damn near impossible, but I think it was pee. I had changed Lizzie and I had to grab a clean diaper from the dryer behind me. I was turned away a max of 15 seconds. Maybe. When I turned back around, the entire changing table was covered in clear water droplets. Everything. 18 inches away from her butt and 10 inches higher than her butt. Had she sprayed the entire surface with her pee? How had she done it? Did she wiggle from side to side or sneeze while pissing or what?! It was impossible! Like she got up, ran around the table pissing on everything, laid back down and waited for me to turn back around as she flashed a "look how cute I am" smile. She's up to no good. I can smell it!

Click on the image to get a closer look at the "Lizzie Dew" everywhere.
She is a riot every day. I can't wait to see what antics she will get into when she is older. Well, maybe I can wait a little while...
She's going to be a handful!
 Another slow day. I love it. Spending time with the Milk Monster and the Hubz before he goes back to work tomorrow. Has it been two weeks already?!? Time is flying by! We decided on Quiznoes again for dinner (Boo to cooking LOL!) and lounged around in our jammies. Comfy time.
And now that i am officially a fully breastfeeding, pumping milk machine, no more pumping updates after this: I pumped 6 ounces in under 15 minutes! No more doubts or self esteem lapses here! I am so glad I stuck it out and didn't give up. Hopefully it will score me some points with the therapist Lizzie goes to when she gets older. I know we messed up a lot Honey, but you had Mommy's Milk :) What do you think?

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