Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weekend, we venture out!

I feel amazing!
It's like I fell asleep and woke up another person!
The blood patch worked 100%. I didn't realize just how much the pain was affecting my bonding with my daughter. I resented her a tad bit every time she cried for the boobie or needed to be held. Besides cringing at the thought of her gnawing on my raw nips, I was almost in tears every time I had to be fully erect to service her in whatever way. And it showed. I was stretching out feedings and welcoming anyone to pick her up; Stephen, Gramma, strangers off the street. It was too much. And poor Lizzie was stressed out too, dealing with me. Sweet baby. Please don't need therapy in the future :( Needless to say, everything is puppies and kitties and rainbows again and I love that little girl's sweet sweet face.
Her butt, on the other hand, is not so good. Diaper rash is a bitch. When I opened up my daily morning surprise today, I found total booty carnage! Red, raw and angry looking skin. How had this happened?!? We are using cloth diapers. Lizzie has no less than 4 people, ON STAFF, pulling back diaper corners and smelling for ookies. Diapers are still cute and changed often. We are breastfeeding so bad reactions are damn near impossible! What the fook, Batman? Is her butt water made of pure acid? I'm so confused! And I feel so damn bad. Like I let her down, I let myself down, I let mothers the world over down. Tears in my eyes, I gingerly touched her tush with the cloth wipes I had soaking and vowed to get some diaper goo at the NEX. UGH Diaper Rash! It's the only commonly accepted wound a newborn can acquire and have everyone just look the other way. Nothing to see here. Just diaper rash. I'm sure if she had the same patch of pissed off delicate baby skin on her face, people would take notice. Say something. Call someone. But not on her butt. It's just diaper rash. Oh yeah? Well not to a Mommy. To a mommy, it's a major boo-boo. Deserving of ice cream or suckers, but she's too young so baby toe nibbles will have to do. 
Have you SEEN her baby toes?!? You can't help but nibble! Ask Gramma :)
And in pumping news!
3 ounces! EACH! Each side even. OMG we are totally pumping with gas now. Enough to freeze. I can have friends over and open the freezer drawer and point to these plastic Medela tubes with yellow caps and say "LOOK! See those tubes of frozen fluid? That's breast milk! As in bodily fluid I created in my boobies to feed and nourish my child. And after feeding her, I had enough to make a plate of leftovers for her at a later date! I'm a real Mom!" I know, how lame right? But I can't help it. Every precious ounce is a labor of love. Drops of liquid gold that drip from me at the expense of my time, my comfort..... and my future cleavage potential. With all the pulling and squeezing and sucking and chewing, I'm sure I am voiding their warranties and fucking their future loveliness. Totally worth it :)
Other than that, it was a pretty lax day, chilling with my newborn, soaking up her smells and getting reacquainted with her. She is such a stubborn little booger, refusing to conform to our recommendations or rules. Just take a look at her in her swing. It has an indention to hold her little bod and a headrest thingy to keep her head cradled and her neck straight. Does she appreciate it? Hell no! She says screw your boundaries! I don't need your help! 
See what I mean? LOL
So, Stephen went to a movie with Shyer and then we had the famous white chili Gramma made and watched Transformers. That was about it. What an awesome Saturday. The good life...

Let's run some errands! Let's get out of the house and mingle with the other people who have some how managed to both birth their children AND resume normal activities as well. Yay! After all, how much can one little newborn upset two busy grown people's lives? Especially when she is this cute!
Since we have too many people to transport in one vehicle, we had to decide who was going with who, in which car, to which place. Like the game Clue. But more complicated. 
We were all going to rendezvous at the Nex in Norfolk. Now, both the Gramma and my sis wanted to see the Navy ships on base (the carriers and subs and whatever all the little boats in between are called; haha) so I sent everyone with Stephen. He knows so much random crap about military everything that he makes a far better tour guide than me. He can tell you when the boat was built and famous events in it's lifetime and if it likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I can tell you it's big and gray. Pretty much what you can ascertain with your own eyes knowing absolutely jack shit about the Navy. And I was on a carrier. Not exactly the best person to show you around.
 And getting out the door was almost more than I could handle. After I sent everyone away, I almost had a breakdown as I was trying to think of all the baby accoutrement required or possibly required that needed to make it into the car. And I needed to change. And brush my hair. And teeth. Find shoes. Find baby shoes. No baby shoes. Ok, socks then. Get her in the car seat. She's crying. Take her out. Change her diaper. Back in the car seat. Take the car seat outside. Forgot the car keys. Take the car seat back in. Get the keys. Go back to the car. Put the seat in. Seat isn't buckled. Buckle the seat. Forgot my wallet. Go get my wallet. Leave driveway. Forgot wedding rings (bitches still don't fit anyway). Go back up driveway. Get rings. Leave again. Turn on AC. Relax tense muscles and release white knuckles on steering wheel. Get on the interstate. Look around the car in search of applause. No applause to be found. Pat myself on the back. Mission accomplished. Holy shit, this is my life from now on.
Get to the NEX. Place Lizzie in the Boppy Snuggli sling carrier thingamajig and proudly enter the NEX and meet everyone else. YAY! I found the bath sponge thing I was looking for and a pack n play! A PACK N PLAY! I have been looking high and low and sideways trying to find one I like, with the features I like and a non-stupid fabric pattern. For some reason, the newest fashion "in" is the modern look. Funny shapes and ugly colors. Gag me with a spoon. I like traditional patterns. Paisley and plaid and toile. And I finally found one, thank God. Mark it off the to-buy list :)
We ended our first day out by going to the Taxson's and stuffing our faces with BBQ. Always a good time. They are the best! What a perfect way to end the weekend! We were beat.
Oh and one more thing: No more disposables!! We have officially switched over to cloth diapers 100% as of today. I'm so excited! We were using the hospital disposables on and of, depending on who changed Lizzie. Now it's prefolds and Thirsties covers and that's it. How cool is that?!?

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