Friday, September 4, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 24-30 Aug

I was reclining in the bed, feeding the Milk Monster... again... I was trying to shove the boob in her mouth since she was not staying focused... she was doing that weird neck-of-Gumby maneuver... I was getting frustrated... I wanted to strangle her... I couldn't take it anymore... and then she smiled... Little shit... I love her :)
Breastfeeding is finally getting better. It's not perfect and it's certainly not fluffy clouds and soft raindrops, but at least I don't want to bust her face anymore when she latches on. Baby steps.
I got some bathroom remodeling done: I ripped down those asinine curtains and scrubbed the dung off the mini blinds. In the tub. Old school style. Disgusting work but it really makes a difference and I got off my ass to do it. That's really the only goal I'm working toward: enjoying Lizzie and yet still getting on with my life.
I eyeballed the options for birth announcements at Wal-Mart too. I finally have them narrowed down to two different ones. I know it's a little late, but I figure if I get them done before 6 weeks then I will pat myself on the back. Again, baby steps.
On the way home we stopped by Chris and April's to see their new bebe. So effin cute! I can remember when we were all in NY together and there was alcohol and Navy education happening. Now they are married and I'm married and we have a baby and they have THREE kids! What a difference time makes :) Lizzie decided to do some projectile vomiting on me to impress them. It was awesome. And then she proceeded to ignore me and watch the boys play video games. I felt so used. She is her father's daughter...

OMG I thought I had food poisoning. I guess it was the 1362 pills I take every day from the hospital. Iron or vitamins or something. But I seriously thought I was going to upchuck my innards all over Stephen's car. Good thing I lived because I convinced him to take me to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Fajitas. Delicious! Oh wait, they were luke warm because the Milk Monster needing topping off just as the food sizzled onto the table. About par for her course. She KNOWS when I am about to eat. I am sure of it.
I stumbled upon some research about attachment parenting. It sounds like the direction I want to go with Lizzie, as far as bonding and parenting. I want to get a few books on the subject and check it out. I wonder what other people think about it. Just a thought.
Random Pictures

Today is Chewie's birthday! Happy Birthday furbaby :) We would have take him to have BDay ice cream with his bubba, but Zeus hurt his paw and has to take a few days off with narcotics and rest. Poor baby :(
Me and Lizzie went to Rhiannon's for lunch and possibly a commissary run. Instead we had lunch and PLANNED a commissary run. Going through the Body for Life cookbook was fun and I can't wait to try some of the things I picked out. We parted ways early so I could meet the Hubs and get car things done. Again, Stephen tried to get the inspection on his car and couldn't. Damn Virginia Beach with its over crowded population. Grrrrr. Maybe tomorrow.
In Lizzie news:
I got initiated into official hardcore Mommy-hood by surviving the holy baby trifecta - piss, shit and vomited boobie milk. All in one sitting. As in baby pees out leg hole. I jump and startle her. She sneezes. Sneeze forces poop out same leg hole. I jump and startle her again. Commence crying. I'm laughing at her and she's pissed that her feeding has stopped. All of a sudden she stops screaming to look at me funny. Then she upchucks a few spoiled ounces of my own bodily fluids back at me. Who's laughing now, Mommy?
She can pull hair now. She reaches up, inserts her cute little fist, twists, and pulls down. Very painful. I am pretty sure this is an intentional move.
 Tonight we also gave Lizzie a bath. It was the first one with just her and us. It went pretty smoothly. She got clean and no one dropped her slippery little body on the tile. She has, however, out grown her sponge bath thingy. I think her growth spurt really shows. Where her feet used to dangle, her knees now touch. All that boobie milk must be working!
Isn't she so effin' cute!?!
Today I got Stephen's inspection done for him. YAY! Only it sucked. I had to take him to work at the crack of dawn, come back, wake up Lizzie, feed her and get out the door. All so I could hurry up and wait at Midas. And wait... And wait... for hours.... 4 and a half to be exact. It is illegal in VA to make an appointment for a safety inspection so it's first come first serve. And somehow, getting there 30 min after they open is just as bad as getting there at 5pm. But I waited because it had to be done. I don't recommend it. Get your shit done on time peoples. Waiting around sucks. Especially with a newborn who has an insatiable appetite. And the hiccups.

Oh yeah, Lizzie HATES having the hiccups. She will cry and act like some injustice is occurring that she cannot control her own body. Each one will scare her and every time it happens, she gets this crazy look on her face like she's pleading for help. And then she screams. Which sucks because she gets them every day. Multiple times. My milk is very forceful and she chokes and sputters and then gets the hiccups. And then gets pissed. I'm sure she blames me. Just another story to tell the therapist I guess.

After that we *tried* to make a mall trip with her in the sling carrier. It went ok I suppose. She got really hot and then I got hot next to her so that was one sticky and stinky disadvantage. When she was good and asleep, I got some Chinese from the food court. She was chillin' in the sling in my lap and I realized I couldn't quite reach the table. I couldn't use my chopsticks for fear of spilling food on her. I had a terrible flash back of being pregnant. It was horrible! Remembering how big I was and how awkward that made me. I said screw it and ate anyway. I spilled a lot of rice on her but she didn't wake up so it doesn't count :) We got Daddy a new game for the PSP and booked it out of there to go pick him up.
And last but not least...
Don't give me any Greatest Mommy in the World awards yet. When I got to Midas and took Lizzie out of the car, I realized (in amazement) that in my rush, I had FORGOTTEN TO STRAP HER IN! She was covered by her cute little blanket and looked snug as a bug, but when I unwrapped her I was in shock. She was on top of the damn things and I could have died of shame. I could of killed her! Who does that?! I'm pretty sure I shouldn't even blog it; I might get arrested! I know, I know, shoot me now. That's just fodder for more therapy in the future. But for now, we will just pretend it didn't happen. We will be conveniently distracted by her terribly cute face...


Here's a pretty clear picture of today's agenda:

That's what I'm talkin' about...

Bud made chicken adobo and I slept with Lizzie all day. It was wonderful :) Even better than that, while I took a long nap in the evening, Stephen had Lizzie occupied for 5 hours! Glorious!


Finally! I got some of my personal honey do's done. For starters, I delicately scrubbed the latex paint off my beautiful cherry wood stairs. Stupid painters. Cost me 2 hours of my time.

  I also finished unpacking the DVD/CD boxes and got the DVD rack all squared away. That counts as 7 unpacked boxes! I deserve a gold star or a cookie or a shot of tequila or something! Some more of the ooky gunky stuff got scrubbed off the bathroom walls too. I think that's a lost cause though. I may just sand it down and paint it. It will last until we redo the bathroom in a few years. It's too much work right now.

Shyer came over and the boys played the PS3. Lizzie slept for a long time, even through their hootin' and hollerin'. Poor kid is having an aweful time with this four hour limit on sleep. It is wreaking havoc on her sleep schedule. If she passses her 2 month weigh in, I'm going to let her sleep through the night. We could both use the sleep. She even slept through Fudruckers for dinner. She didn't miss much.

When we got home, the Milk Monster was ravenously hungry. She clamped down on the boob for over 45 min. I finally broke suction and wrangled free of her. I was pretty sure she was nursing for comfort again. She proved me correct when I burped her and she gave back the extra few ounces she drank that she didn't really need. In cottage cheese form. Ooky Ooky!

Today we Skyped the Gramma so she could see Lizzie's big smiles! It was a ton easier this time since Stephen was here to hold Lizzie so I could hold the laptop. And even though we couldn't get her to do it on camera, today Lizzie had her first laugh! Her first literal LOL. Go Lizzie! Momma's big girl :)

New diaper news: We are switching over to the Fuzzi Bunz. Lizzie's butt is finally big enough for them and they are oh-so-easier for her squirming bod. They are also much more trim than the prefolds and covers. If her diaper rash doesn't clear up though, we may have to rethink our diapering decisions. We will have to see how it goes. More on that as breakthroughs develop...

Since it was the last day of Kristy's summer vacation,
we decided to grab some DQ and head to their house to enjoy our last ice cream of the summer. I feel like it went by so fast! We were supposed to unpack and decorate our houses and alternate mimosas and Starbux coffees. I remember her last day and thinking we had so much time. I was so HUGE! Now Lizzie is here and they are settled in and we are kinda settled in and well, I'm still huge. But where did the time go?! *sigh*
Zeus was feeling much better apparently because he was excited and squirmy and running zoomies around us. I can't wait for Chewie to play with him again. He misses his Bubba. I'm sure Zeus misses him too. At least for tonight he had Lizzie though. He is somewhat obsessed with her.

What a week! Look how exhausted we all are:

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katquilter said...

Wow! Lots of catching up on that entry, huh?
All that trouble getting his car inspected, and then BOOM! No more car?

Very cute pictures...

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHEWIE!!! Gramma loves you, too!