Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Captain's Log, Stardate 31 Aug - 4 Sept

I was woken up by a call from the Hubbz this morning. Apparently some E-nothing retard youngster smacked his car in the ass. And hit him so hard that he was propelled into the car in front of him. Thank God it was a 30 mph traveling car, but still. The car is all crumpled and poor Stephen is shook up. His car was towed but he needed me to pick him up on I-64.
I said a little prayer that Lizzie would comply with the day's amended start. I packed her in the car seat sans breakfast or a diaper change and hoped we would be quick. By the time I got to Stephen, it was lightly raining and she was screaming for milk. I fed and changed the poor kid (therapy in the future) and waited for him to hurry up and get all of his car stuff transferred to my car.
Then we headed off to Portsmouth Naval Hospital ER. We were in and out fairly quickly. Lizzie slept through the whole ordeal. The doc said look for soreness tomorrow and even more the next day. Monitor for obvious changes in neurological condition or worsening symptoms. We got his drugs and booked it home.

Good God I can't believe it has been a whole month already. Just yesterday you were an amorphous blog incapable of doing any task that did not involve taking in or pushing out bodily secretions. And scream. Now you are smiling and cooing and scootin' around. I miss the newborn you but I am so excited to be watching the baby you grow :) 

Lizzie found her hands today. She just kept staring at them and waving hem in front of her face. I was so proud. I kept kissing her fingers and telling her they were her hands. She was really amazed. I think she has officially realized her body has appendages. Either that or she was really high and tripping out. I choose to believe the former :)

On a side note: we went to disposables today. Her diaper rash is more than I can handle. I feel so bad, trying to figure out what is causing it and ruling out everything before I finally diagnose residue on my cloth dipes. Poor thing has suffered enough so we went with the diapers we got at the hospital and I caved and bought a tiny bag of Huggies. Now we can slather on as much diaper ointment as we want (you can't do that in the cloth ones). I also bought powder so now we doctor up her bottom every diaper change. I am sad to see the break from cloth, but her happiness level will always win out over my desire to hobby around :) She seems to be oblivious to the change. More updates as that progresses...


Lazy lazy lazy day...

Took Stephen to work since he had no car. Lizzie decided to nurse all day. We slept after getting back from taking Stephen, probably until around noonish. It was glorious. And he got home around 2:30ish.

Unfortunately, Lizzie nursed the whole time.
The. Whole. Time.
I cannot stand it when she does that but she has to eat, so meh...
Gotta sacrifice the boobies sometimes.
Eventually she was full, I was sore and Stephen got home so we all got to go down for a little siesta together :)

Isn't she SO EFFIN CUTE!
I mean seriously, look at her!!

 She has been pushing off with her feet when they touch something. Thus makes for some very surprising findings when you come back to check on her sometimes. She could be 2 feet to the left or upside down. She is definitely a mover and a shaker.
And her newly discovered hands swatted at the bear in her swing today. She did it for a while so I don't think it was an accident or random. She is getting better coordinated every day. At this pace, she will want to borrow my car by next week. I will tell her no of course. I mean, she can't possibly know how to drive a stick!


Bad night last night. Lizzie would not sleep. In fact, she traded in sleeping for shrieking all night. I was ungodly tired today. I'm grateful we both survived though. It was looking close for her. I really wanted to bribe her to sleep, or drug her... or something... but eventually she rested a little and in the morning all was forgiven. She is always making me forget her antics by making me laugh. Today, because she did her "look, I can get out of your restraints" thing again. If you bundle her, and she does not desire you to do so, she will remove one arm in defiance. A solitary arm, but the point will have been made, none the less...

My baby is getting bigger. It's official. I'm losing my tiny sweetheart newborn into this opinionated rebellious little infant that is heavier and squirmier and so much more lovable! :) Her second growth spurt may be underway. She is eating much much more. My morning pumping today was 5 oz instead of 8 oz. I wonder where it went. Hmm....

We had Rhiannon and the kids over for pizza and fun. What a hoot. Owen taught us our house is SOOOOOO not baby proofed and Mya gave a glimpse into our future of having a daughter that has a mind of her own. It's so weird to see her getting bigger. I remember when she was a little baby and Rhiannon was dealing with a stubborn newborn. Now Mya is a big girl and Owen is a big boy! I do so love those guys!

And Owen SOOOOOO loves Lizzie. Just ask him anytime where she is and he will drop what he is doing to point her out. And he whines, wanting you to get her up and out so he can play with her. Isn't that adorable?!?

A little humor: Lizzie peed and pooped all over Daddy. Good girl! Some one should get it besides me, LOL! It was a funny sight but he took it well. I think he knew it had to happen sooner or later :)


Lizzie had a MUCH BETTER night last night. Three cheers for getting sleep and not wanting to kill my own spawn. :)

Clean clean clean!
Finally got the nasty filthy car cleaned today. It gets gross fairly easily and I blame Chewie. No shit. That dog sheds his own body weight in fur every day. I could weave afghans and stuff duvets with his hair. It gets every where. It is too much for me to handle but it is, and has been, a part of our daily life so what can you do. 
Fortunately, there are starving college kids who will vacuum and scrub and armor all your car for under $30. And that includes tip. It would take me all day to do that myself and I don't particularly enjoy it so hoorah for not being poor. And now it smells like fresh baby powder to boot, which happens to be my new favorite smell :)

Chewie got a bath too, at the groomer. His big monthly spit shine costs more than the car care but again, I am grateful to spend the money. It's not an easy task to groom that pup. They do a triple wash and blow dry directly to the skin, on a cool setting, to "blow out" all the loose hair. That really reduces shedding (can you imagine if they DIDN'T do that?!?). I value my time way more than the moolah they charge so it is mutually beneficial. Not to mention they brush his teeth and do something with his anal glands that I don't want to even consider learning about. Yeah...

We also got Lizzie's one month pictures done. Yay for Olan Mills in the KMart. We spent a bit more than I planned, but not much more, so I was pleasantly surprised at what we left with. And we got a precious tri-picture of Lizzie nakey, Lizzie in B&W and the obligatory "wedding rings on the feet" thingy. It will be very cute on Daddy's desk at work. The only bad thing that happened was when the picture lady pressured us into getting into a few of the shots. I know they want to sell you more than you want but it was too much. I had only planned on getting Lizzie done. I had zero makeup on and a hideous Don King coif and I basically told the lady to kick rocks, I was NOT being photoed, thank you very much. But I eventually had to do it just to shut her up, and she was very annoying so this plan worked out very well for her. And Stephen liked one of the shots so guess what: we bought one. Me being au naturel and Stephen in a video game tee shirt and Lizzie all cute. Actually, it's closer to the truth than most people who get pics done.

After that we went home and relaxed. Stephen is still hurting from the accident so he popped a pain pill and vegged on the couch with Lizzie. 


Married life with a newborn makes for some interesting weekends. We always have all these plans to go out and see the world and make a difference and Friday rolls around and hallelujah-praise-God-where-are-my-comfy-clothes-please-take-me-to-the-couch. It takes the whole weekend just to recharge!

Stephen is still car shopping, or I guess truck shopping is more like it. Good thing there is a ton of info online because lazy weekends are not the time for rainy walks at the dealership and test drives with hydroplaning. We live in the age where we can order some hot wings and take our valium and surf Car Max. So that is exactly what my hubbz did.

That, and change a lot of diapers. A lot of POOPY diapers. Today was my day off LOL

And Lizzie defended Mommy's honor today. 
Daddy was holding her, loving on her, and talking smack to Mommy.

So Lizzie tossed her cookies all over him...

Good job, Baby Girl!
Mommy loves you :)

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Jimmy said...

Precious! HOW CAN SHE KEEP GETTING MORE PRECIOUS?! Gramma wants to hold that baby!

Great job with the blog, Gena... Keep up the good work, I really enjoy it and appreciate it! Hugs & Kisses!