Monday, September 21, 2009

Lizzie enables Daddy...

I love how Lizzie fits into our life.

Mommy gets to stay home and "enjoy" baby all day. I'm not sure if the key word is ENJOY (because sometimes I say this word through tightly clenched teeth) or ALL (because good God who can coo and smile and make silly faces for 12 hours straight!). She compliments so many parts of our lives, but not all aspects. She has a quirky ability to destroy all efforts I have to clean/organize/sanitize/pee by myself.

Stephen on the other hand....

finds that she fits right in :)

Having Lizzie around gets him more naps! And how can I say no to playing video games when he volunteers to hold her on his chest so (gratefully) I can return to my dishes or laundry or making him a sandwich (thanks honey!).

I'm so lucky!

We both love her little stubborn butt.
At the end of the day, after all the crying and the feeding and the rocking and the poop scrubbing and the spit up everywhere, we always get to end the day with a warm bath and a lavender baby lotion massage and voila!

Baby deliciousness!

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katquilter said...

That last picture looks like some belly-plooing going on! YES! Ploo that baby's belly for the Gramma!