Friday, September 11, 2009

New Activity Mat!

I guess Mommy's face is already boring to Lizzie. My sweet little angel blob is taking on the form of a real infant more and more every day. Around three months is when they start really following mobiles and swatting at danglies. So imagine my surprise when the Milk Monster (who was SUPPOSED to be napping in the pack n play) ERUPTED in squeals and coos at her bear mobile and hanging toy.
I was so surprised, I just kept telling her "Good Girl!" and clapping with little tears in my eyes. She is growing up so fast, I feel like I'm being robbed of my fair share of newborn time. Seems like yesterday I was being careful to avoid her little umbilical stump and now here she is, cutting the apron strings and requiring toys and gadgets other than my face to soothe her. How unfair!
So of course I was off to Babies R Us on Monday to get my budding genius a proper outlet for all her creative energy...
You are supposed to wait to introduce new things until babies are fed and content, so I decided to put her in it after her nighttime milk and a bath. She must have known because she was undressing herself before I could get to her!

We had a really good bath time. She really enjoys being submerged in the water versus shivering on a stupid bath sponge. I have to agree.

And I think she is so precious all clean and bundled up in her towel. 

And she LOVE LOVE LOVES her new activity gym thingy. The awesome part is that it comes up on the sides when they are little and makes a box they can't roll out of, and when they get older, you can put them down and it's an even bigger mat. How cool is that?!?

So cool that she fell asleep in it. And that makes it even cooler in my book :)

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