Friday, September 11, 2009

Tues Wed Thurs in pictures...

Pretty boring week...
Took Rhiannon and the kiddoes to the airport :(
We will miss them but we are doing Body For Life when she gets back so it's a nice little vacation before we boot camp ourselves!
Mommy's 6 week postpartum appointment!
It went well. Everything if back to it's original size and placement. Gotta go back in 2 weeks and finish up the "Gimmie something to delay being impregnated again so soon" part of it. 
Stephen came from work to be with me and keep Lizzie under control. However, I gave him horribly painful threats of death and dismemberment by rusty spoon if he could not keep his inappropriate curiosity under control. This is the same man that spent the entire time at my father's funeral glued to the director's side, discussing the little known intricacies of the funeral business and giggling over past bloopers. Seriously. Nothing really wrong with that, just a little weird and maybe indicative of not knowing time and place. 
So I swore him to compliance that he wouldn't ask some off color question or make some non-PC joke about any aspect of this particular appointment.
The Pap Smear. 
He did really well. I have to give him props. I saw him steal a glance a few times and I could taste his little mind thoughts about speculum shenanigans and over sized Q-Tips. Yet he remained silent and didn't even steal one of his classic "Holy Shit look at that" devil grins. Thank God for small miracles...
Family TV time: Project Runway!
Make it work!
(and yes, she was actually watching the TV)

... and then it's beddie bye time.
I LOVE this Kiddapotumus. When Lizzie gets in it, she goes into zombie mode and then passes out. 

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