Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tummy Time Woes

As much as Lizzie LOVES to sleep on her tummy, you would think she would LOVE tummy time. However, she does not.

She doesn't scream or throw a tantrum. She will stay there for a few minutes, look around, check out her toys/the mirror/Mommy's hairy legs/ Chewie's hairy tumbleweeds blowing by. She seems quite bored with "being still" on her belly. She hasn't rolled over yet and isn't close to crawling, but I think she knows there's more to this position than neck exercises.

And then she starts squirming around. Fidgety. She starts to whine. Four or five minutes have passed by and she starts to push off with her feet. She wants to move. To crawl. To be mobile. But she is swimming in a sea of air and making no progress. Scary. Mommy says "I don't think so Munchkin. Take your time crawling."


More squirming and noises and grunts and protests. Pick me up or something. I feel like I can move around but I can't! How frustrating! Mommy can't do anything because she needs tummy time. I would like to see her keep her head strong and go 15 - 20 minutes. But that is never in the cards for us. I give up early usually. She just looks so pathetic when she surrenders...

Lizzie 27        Tummy-Time 0
Maybe tomorrow....

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katquilter said...

That explains the blue nose!