Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekend pictures

Since we are falling into a routine finally and the days are less hectic (translation: boring), I am giving up the daily updates and going more towards the breaking news type updates. 
But have no fear, the pictures will continue.
Not just the Picture a Day ones, but the daily stream of random and meaningless yet terribly ground breaking photos of Lizzie as she does all things a normal newborn does. Yet we find them mind blowingly fascinating.
Yes, the pictures will continue....
And this weekends story, in pictures, is as follows.....
Typical : Stephen on his PSP and Lizzie passed out on his shoulder.

This is the both of them about 70% of the time Stephen is home...

And the Milk Monster taking a break from terrorizing my boobies.

And a shot from her new used carrier we found at the thrift store.

And she LIKES it! It's a keeper until the Moby wrap gets here.

And our first day in the middle part of the pack n play.

And we LOVE it! Super awesome that she likes to be put down somewhere!

Sleeping at the boob

Sleeping in the pack n play

Sleeping in the car seat, in the swing.

And LOVING the pack n play. 
Being lazy all weekend was so much fun...
We should do it again next weekend!

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