Saturday, October 10, 2009

Into the mouth

Let's review....

We found our hand/arm area to be quite tasty when they found their way into the mouth.

Some days later, we discovered that we had hands AND we could control them! Well, sort of.
Before, we had to wait for the hand to "find it's way" into the mouth.
Now, we have mastered the "stop and stare" move.

Mommy is very proud...

And next on the motor skills development to-do-list?

Lifting said hand to mouth and chewing on it.

Super super yay!

(*remember that pacifier?*)

Look what I can do!

I know this ushers in a whole new era of baby chasing but I don't care right now.

I know I will be dropping everything in the future to rush to her stuffing pennies or Chewie fur-tumbleweeds or whatever choking hazards she can get her paws onto.

I know I will run around grabbing her face and hooking a finger in her mouth whilst begging her "What's in your mouth?!? Did you eat it?!? What did you eat?!? Spit it out! Spit it out now!!"

I know I will have mini panic attacks every time I turn around and see her little jaws a'chompin and wondering what she is eating.

I know.

But for now, her hand to mouth success means she is growing and developing in a healthy linear fashion as she is supposed to be. It means she survived child birth and I've been feeding and changing and entertaining her in the manner that is required for her to grow into a bigger little person and then a bigger big person and drive and graduate and give me GRANDBABIES! And it also means I haven't dropped her or shook her or damaged her in some other way. I've scored a C or better so far, every day, raising her. I haven't royally effed up yet :)

Go me :)
10 weeks down. Eleventeen thousand more to go...


katquilter said...

It bodes very well for Lizzie and makes The Gramma very happy that you are so proud of her 'accomplishments" and that you are recording them for posterity!

I would grade YOUR accomplishments as a MOMMY EXTRAORDINAIRE as A-Plus!!!

cazugie said...

I think you deserve an A++, she is simply adorable!!!!