Monday, October 5, 2009

A sleepin baby is a gorgeous baby :)

Sometimes I feel bad that most of her pictures are all of her asleep. I go back later and think hot damn she looks like we keep her drugged out most of the time. But that's just not true. The TRUTH is that she is so effin' adorable when she is asleep. She just looks angelic. I run to get the camera and snap this "extra special" beautiful rendition of my sleeping babe and I mention to Stephen "my GOD she is precious and I HAVE to get this on film". I do this at least once a day and every one I snap is OHMYGOD the CUTEST picture yet, you can almost see her halo.

And then I go through a week's worth of pictures and say "Jeez, do I really have 34 pics of her asleep? Did we do anything else?" And then I post them for you anyway because, I mean, they ARE cute still. They just ain't as cute as seeing it first hand.

So without further ado....



Sleepin' on Daddy


Sleepin' on Daddy


(see a theme running here?)


Sarah @ said...

I think you're right - you can almost see the halo =)

98% of my photos are of my daughter sleeping too. It's just, you know, I'm too busy kissing her when she's awake to snap pictures.

katquilter said...

Oh, look! You got a comment from Sarah! I think you two would get along so well!

And yes, she is precious and adorable when she is asleep... wait till the gramma comes to visit... she will be picking her up when she's too adorable!

Well, enjoy it while you can... I have a feeling you will soon remember with fondness the "good old days" when she was emanating a halo!