Friday, October 9, 2009

Tummy Time Updates

Tummy time, on the Boppy only, is going very smoothly now. No more meltdowns and no more tears (for her OR me :) There are still times when she gives me the "How could you do this to me?!?!" face, but we talk through it and no one gets hurt.

I read somewhere online that babies love mirrors and looking at other babies' faces. That's a little fact I never knew. I guess it makes sense, evolution-wise. Babies seek out other faces to engage their interest and making eye contact warms the mother's heart to be more loving toward the infant. I get it. I remember when Lizzie first started looking AT me instead of all around like Stevie Wonder. It did melt my heart after all those insane weeks of her just CONSUMING my life force without so much as a thank you very much.

Now she LOVES looking at herself in the mirror. She must also realize how effin adorable she is. Katy bar the door and WATCH OUT world!

I just can't get over how CUTE she is! I am reminded of that Family Guy episode where the guy can't stop showing his wallet full of pictures to anyone who will acknowledge him. "Wanna see my kids?!?!" and he's thrusting them in people faces. He gets so worked up he's smashing them into their faces. BAM BAM BAM!

Yup. That's me. On this blog.


Even Chewie loves her. He is always right by her side, no matter where she is. You can see him sometimes in the pictures. Blatant or stalker-like, he is always there. And if you can't see him, look closer. You will probably be able to see a smallish patch of golden fur. If it's on the floor, it's a Chewie tumblewed but if not, then it's him. Stalking her.

So yeah, tummy time is much better. 15 minutes a day, twice a day is what we are doing now. Unless Daddy does it. And then it's for as long as she will be quiet whilst he is PSP-ing. Which, amazingly enough, is WAAAYYYY longer than what I can get her to do. She is SUCH a Daddy's girl...


katquilter said...

That is so cute.... I would say "Who's cuter... Chewie or Lizzie? " But I guess we know the answer to that... but then again... maybe not... they are BOTH pretty cute, especially interacting with each other!

Kristi said...

i looooooove the picture of her looking up at chewie!! thats great! its so cute!