Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby's New Wheels

On yesterday's trip to my favorite place in the world, Kid 2 Kid Resale Shop, I happened to find a travel system that matched E's carseat. That's really no simple feat since I bought the carseat used too. We have been looking for an extra base for it because the damn thing is far too complicated a feat to move between both vehicles. Only problem is, it's grey, and grey is apparently a hard color to match. I have found blue and black and tan but never grey. Must be a conspiracy. The new ones are like $50, which is insanity in its purest form. I paid $25 for the whole carseat. It's a ridiculous market, this baby gear monopoly.

When I saw the travel system, everything in me said NO! Don't buy it. Wait. Wait until she is older. Get a cheapie one.

But I couldn't help myself. I got all the way to the cashier, started paying and said "Hold on. I guess I'm going to get the travel system too." I didn't really need the extra carseat. I needed the base. I guess the extra carrier is a bonus. The system I fought so hard against eventually won. Just like that damn C-Section. Fight Fight Fight. Eventually bend. Sigh...

I'm too sexy for my under shirt...

So I go the travel system half price, solved my "need another base" problem, socked away an extra carrier and also scored some sweet baby goodies; a New Years dress for E for like 10 bucks, a new swaddler for 2 bucks, a cute bib for a dollar. Another successful day at the consignment shop. I can't wait to start taking MY stuff there for store credit. I am a firm believer in thrift stores!

next time I dress myself, k?

I get the thing home and I'm so excited about a purchase I spent three months snubbing as "what a waste of money, I'll never buy that" that my toes are curling. I skip grocery shopping and dump my coupon binder and list on the desk. Change little E, nurse a bit. Put on tennis shoes, for the love of Nike, it's been like eleventeen months since I wore something other than those damn sandals. Oh and guess what? Too small. Yup. Feet grew just like the hands so now my shoes and my wedding ring no longer fit. But I don't care. I wear em anyway.

nom nom nom

I pop E into her carseat and then pop the carseat into the stroller and OHH EMM GEE we are strollin'! Like, I totally get it. The travel system thing. It's amazing and I stand corrected. To all those I know in real life who were recipients of the "don't waste your money on the stupid travel system they only use for less than a year and it's bulky to boot" speech, I was wrong. I admit it. This wrongness, it's statistically bound to happen eventually. Please don't tell my Husband.

 my preciousness. let it overtake you.

After I get her secured and blanketed and out the door, it occurs to me that I have committed this great travesty against Lizzie and her infanthood. Walking with a baby in a stroller is awesome! I can talk to her without holding her and the stroller does not get heavier as she falls asleep. We are a have-stroller-will-travel duo and we can explore the great outdoors. She's comfy and secure and I don't feel like I'm being smothered to death by her flailing clawing baby dagger arms/hands. It's a Win Win situation!


Immediately I get this insanely logical idea that we will walk to the grocery store and get the few things for dinner because it's not really that far, I can curb spending by not being able to haul much crap back home with me and, oh I don't know, maybe even burn a few of those dinner calories before those rat bastards can set up shop in mah jelly rolls. No need to pat me on the back; I'm doing it to myself as we speak.

sleep.fighter (take 2)

Two things to remember for next time though:
1. Bring the "green" reusable bags instead of using their bags and
2. Remember that it gets pitch dark by, I don't know, noon during the winter.
When I was done shopping, I realized I had to hoof it back at a double time because the sun had set and this paranoid person cannot be casually strolling along in the dark, what with all sorts of bugs and snakes and murderers out trolling the streets.

It felt so good to be outside, to be crunching through leaves and really looking at the neighbors yards. I don't know what I was thinking! We will be doing that more often I hope :)

fancy meeting you here, feet...

A few days later, I convinced Stephen, aka Anything of the Outdoors is of the Devil (make the sign of the cross), to go on a walk with me. We even took the furbaby Chewie, poor doggie. He never gets the attention he deserves anymore. If I can get him to behave on leash, then I can take him with me and E when we go on walks. He still has a ways to go but he's getting better.

My 'dad' impression...

A mere 10 houses down from us is an entrance to Mt Trashmore. You walk a ways, cross a little bridge between 2 houses and get deposited smack dab in the middle of the path around it. There are ducks and a pond and a jogging trail. It's pretty amazing and we are very lucky to have it so near.

 wow, um, kinda high dad!

Thankfullness was the theme of the walk. We have so much to be grateful for. Our life. Our "stuff" (the house, vehicles, furniture). Our perfect baby girl. Our health and financial stability in the most unstable time in our generation. There isn't anything to stress over right now so let's just enjoy it while we can because something is bound to come up later and we can worry then.

 seriously gotta work on this whole hand-eye-coordination thing.

I'm off to pack for Florida. I'd love to blog more but as usual, I have already burned my free time before my work time :(

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (all 4 of you who read LOL)

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katquilter said...

Very cool about the stroller thing.... I do love to walk a baby in a stroller... so good for EVERYBODY!

Can't wait to see you all here soon!!

Gramma's getting excited!!