Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Yummy candy day!

Well, we didn't go trick or treating. Lizzie isn't old enough and we aren't energetic enough. Having just returned from our Texas trip, me and the Milk Monster wanted nothing more than to crash early and recover from jet lag. I don't think anyone noticed our absence so shhhhhh.....

Does that mean we didn't get little scooter poot a costume for her First Halloween?
There are still Halloween pictures to take and the Gramma would kill us if we didn't celebrate at least a teeny bit on her most favorite of holidays so without further ado...

I give you Lizzie the Habanero Pepper!

ZOMG isn't she so effin cute?!?!
Like, how appropriate for my child to be a spicy pepper?!
I loves me some hot hot grub, and I sprinkle my secret concoction of lava dust on all my food.
And the stinker is spicy in her own way so Miss Habanero it is!

Gramma got her some outfits and socks (you can see them in past posts) which are now in the wash, having been properly christened with blowout poop and milk upchucks.

Grandpaw, Gammy and Uncle Will also sent a Boo-Day care package and Lizzie has another book to add to her bookshelf Daddy put together for her room!

People are always wondering what to get Lizzie and I never know what to tell them. I mean, she has everything I think she needs and I'm at a loss to think of things that might further enhance her life (although the Texan in me is figuring out that E's winter wardrobe is lacking. Like, warm clothes, what?!?)

Seriously, I'm sure in the future she will need a car and a college fund and school clothes and lions and tigers and bears oh my. But trinkets and doo-dads and toys and baby gear? I just don't know what else there is. 

However, books are ALWAYS welcome! We rotate through a few of them during the day and the more the merrier. Thanks Gammy for our new book :)

Gramma has suggested we list our books we have already on Shelfari so no one buys us something we already have. Good idea. Maybe she can help me with that when she gets here on Wednesday. Look for an upcoming link. Maybe. LOL :)

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katquilter said...

I might be just a bit biased, but I DO think that is the cutest little hot pepper I EVER saw! Gramma is coming to visit that little bug this week!