Monday, November 16, 2009

Movin' and a Shakin'

Lazy day for Stephen, holding E in the carrier, playing video games, watching movies.
What a life.

I wish! Someone has to clean this house!
I enjoyed my day of babysitting by starting my FlyLady inspired life-makeover.
(Thanks again MAMA!)

Although Day One I didn't even do, I still did well. I will do day one tomorrow since it sorta requires you to do it in the am and I didn't see it until late. Instead, I worked off her principle of "you can do anything for 15 minutes". It is a remarkable concept. Nothing is too overwhelming if you only have to do it for 15 minutes. Anyone who knows me personally knows I suffer from pretty intense anxiety and low esteem ala self. Also, I have a PhD in procrastination. Like Procrastination High Def. I once bought a book in college by the name of "Overcoming Procrastination in Under 30 Minutes a Day". I still haven't read it. No shit.

So 15 minutes per project, and then a break, and then 15 minutes more, then a break. Like, uber my level. It's magic. Somehow, knowing I only gotta do the minimum effort helps me get my butt in there, start the task, avoid anxiety, experience the beginning of accomplishment, maybe even keep going. I feel like I can do so much more now. I totally get it. It adds up, those mischievous minutes. Suddenly those cavernous junk rooms and teetering "important paper" mountains seem far less scary. I could totally like, get my shit together and junk.

I started on the dining room.


The painters spilled paint on the hardwood. The table went in there next. Then it became the "electronics without homes" headquarters. Some un-unpack-able kitchen boxes slid in next (cuz I mean, hey, the kitchen is right there, so they are close to being unpacked). The table top slowly filled with "stuff". It got dusty, Chewie-fur infested and cobwebby. Cobwebby. That's how neglected it was. It had absorbed so much chaotic energy that no one dared ever go in there except as a shortcut to the other side (lest you get yanked into the dark suck hole and spat out the other side to a different dimension where everyday is Monday and no one has ever heard of coffee). Somehow the pack-n-play got stationed in there last week because, let's face it, a room everyone avoids is the perfect place to put a light sleeping infant.

After awhile, you start to abuse your junk room. Say you empty a hastily packed box and get all the way down to the "crumbs" (you know, some dead pens, movie ticket stubs, important receipts, pennies). The trash goes in the trash and the rest goes... goes... where? That's right! To the junk place! The place you use to dump off category-less stuff and nervously chuckle to yourself that you will "take care of/sort/organize it" later. Mine is the dining room. I guiltily shove homeless items in there all day long, knowing I shouldn't. If only it were clean and organized! Was that even possible?!

So I just set my timer for 15 minutes, made the sign of the cross, and went down the rabbit hole. Freaky freaky.

I started with the table. I love that table. I bought that table on sale, two days before Stephen came home from deployment, the last piece of furniture for the apartment. Its dark wood and pub height chairs are gaga drooling gorgeous. Today they were disgustingly filthy. I decided to baby them a bit. I cleared the top and set to work lovingly rubbing in lemon oil whilst whispering sweet nothings into the wood. Apologies and such. Promises not to let them get this bad again. It took awhile longer than I liked, but I owed it to them.

Then I slowly but surely transferred every last piece of crap important stuffs out of that room and to new homes (which may or may not be their proper homes, I can neither confirm nor deny). All of it. Dust bunnies WERE harmed. All bugs discovered WERE euthanized. Even the spider I killed with a 2 ounce SHOT TO THE FACE of wasp killer spray-goo. I had to call Stephen in to verify it's death and that it wasn't HOLY FRACKIN POISONOUS or I would have to hunt down it's extended family with a homemade flamethrower of Bic plus aerosol spray. He did in fact acknowledge my victory with a funny look and a "you sure got him good babe". "Thanks. It was close." (Gena 1, killer arachnid 0).


After the room was empty of stuff and life, I "fixed" the stuck blinds to make them move (translation: pulled entirely too hard until the poor defenseless cord gave way and respected my authority.) I dusted the window sills and sucked the cobwebs down with the Dyson. I swept and mopped. And then I started Goo-Gone-ing the hardwood. That is a chore unto itself. I gave up in favor of cooking diner (it was that late) and just soaked the paint splotches with product until tomorrow. I'm pretty proud of my accomplishment!


Dinner was completely unplanned but we stuck to our guns with the whole "we seriously need to go back to cooking most of our meals at home" goal. There were a few chicken breasts thawing in the fridge so I browned them babies up with some stir-fry sauce and oyster sauce, added some frozen broccoli and even tossed in a few servings of egg noodles. It was pretty good. Stephen said it was tasty so SUCCESS! I look like a culinary diva and he doesn't know that the secret ingredient was prayer. *wink*

Another long ago started project that I finished today: Baby's first prints. We needed to get the Gramma a hand and foot print so we bought a frame kit and used the extra ink to get her a copy. It turned out so adorable with the perfect picture of her in her collared onesie and a pretty pink skirt. Now we just have to find a home for it (at least I didn't put it on the table to deal with later, huh? Huh? Are you proud or what?!)

I also drew up a ROUGH, emphasis on the ROUGH, sketch of maybe what I want to do with the walls in E's room. Squint when you look at it and also rely on the fact that my photography skills are amateur at best. The top is a brown and pink stripe and the bottom is a toile in pale pink and brown. The chair rail and some of the stripes would either be a creamy beige or a clean white. It was stunning in my head but might be too busy now that it is on paper. Maybe it should just be stripe. Or maybe flipped the other way. I don't know. I'm a physics major not an art major. Constructive criticism full of "you are so Awesome" is welcome.

And THAT is all for tonight. No more beer and blogging. Apparently Yuengling makes me ramble.....

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katquilter said...

I am SO proud of you! You ARE SO AWESOME!!!

You have inspired me! I took pictures of my Halloween decorations yesterday, then started taking them all down and putting them away!

You are going like gangbusters... I don't have any constructive criticism other than: don't overdo to the point that you burn yourself out.... baby steps....

I love you!