Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing around with pictures...

1. Someone snapped a pic of Mommy sleeping. Seriously?!?! Do you wanna die?!?! Now we gotta fiddle with the saturation and the size and even black-and-white that monstrosity before we post it. Consider me motivated to sweat to the oldies.

2. This baby right here? The one all a-grin and excited? She loves her some Gramma. They are best buds. Who has the other wrapped around the little finger? Hmmmmm. Good question.

3. Skype Skype Skype. We love to Skype. Here we are Skype'n Aunt Christie.

4. Funniest.Joke.Ever.

5. Last night with Gramma

6. Her blue eyes. Even bluer here. Mesmerizing.

7. Nom Nom Nom baby fingers.

8. She wants to be wherever he is. Playing video games. Watching TV. She doesn't care.

9. Co-sleeping.  We do it. We love it.

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