Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trip to Texas: The Basics

Went to Texas.
Back from Texas.
Blogging lesson learned?
Take the damn laptop next time and blog! Completely overwhelmed by the amount of info I am storing in my brain right now. Too many pictures and to many LOLs.
But here are the basics:

The Flight....

Went well. Held my breathe and prayed through the ascent and descent for the Ear Popping Reaction.
As the cabin filled with the screams and wails of frightened "holy shit who is squeezing my head" kids, I made the sign of the cross and hoped hoped wished Lizzie wouldn't notice. And she didn't. She just kept sleeping.

Crisis averted. Return your seat backs and tray tables to the fully upright position and beam proudly that Your Child isn't one of the banshees in the back, carrying on like a crazy person. I mean, seriously, can you please at least Google a bit before the ride and bring suckers or gum or Benedryl or something. It's not an unexplainable scientific reason why they are unhappy. Their ears hurt when they don't know to pop them! Try not swallowing on your next flight and see how long it takes before the pressure drives you mad. Sheesh....

 Oh, and Stephen got teary eyed at the airport, which totally took me by surprise.
"You mean you're leaving? With my precious angel baby daughter. On a plane? And I get to play as much video games as one grown adult can handle, without fear of reprisal, and eat junk food and avoid honey do's for ten whole days.... BUT it will be because both my ladies are gone? OH NOES!"

Yup, "totally precious man moment" alert.
They don't come often so stay awhile and *sigh* to your heart's content... (pause)

... and moving on.......

The Jet Lag...

Wasn't tooooooo bad. At first I thought maybe she wouldn't realize the time difference and just settle down for night night without a fuss. She slumbered peacefully in her carrier when we first arrived and I got showered and changed into jammies to get ready for bed.

And then she woke up. In a strange house. With strange people. And wanted to Parrrrrr-Tayyyyyy!
Whatever Princess, I don't think so!
It took some work to get her back down, but she finally succumbed to Grandma Vickie's soothing touch.

The Purpose...

The main reason I even hauled us both out there was for my bro. He's my only "same mom, same dad" sibling and even though we fight like the Israelis and Palestinias, we love each other. (Disclaimer: we actually fight worse than the Israelis and Palestinias, but with less suicide bombings/religious undertones... but still messy).

He's been stationed in Germany (lucky!) and is on leave in the States. When he returns, he is going straight to Iraq, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $100. And although I know not to worry (yeah right!) I do plan to pray for his safe return after his year tour.

Those are the basics.
Me and E flew down there for 10 days, hung out, had a blast, came home.
Good times.

But now I'm home and it's back to blogging as usual :)

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