Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trip to Texas: Jealousy

Thy jealousy hath a name, and it is Preston :)
(my brother's little boy)
E and Preston are more than a few years apart so they didn't *click* just yet.

I know they LOOK like puppies and kitties and rainbows, but underneath all that cuteness is a wee bit of the green monster. I felt bad for Preston, having to share his Grandma Vickie and Daddy, but babies gotta share! It's a crazy world out there and it starts at home with our family. LOL!

See this cute pic of Ben spending time with Lizzie? Isn't it cute?
Not so much to Preston.
He was so funny! Ben was holding her and he saw it and came right to the bed.
In his broken toddler English, he very clearly made his point:
"Give her (pointing to Lizzie) to her (pointing disgustedly at me) and hold me!"

And he didn't like sharing Aunt Vickie either!

Although he eventually got over it, he was eager in the beginning to be there whenever Lizzie was being tended to by his Grandma Vickie! :)

Which is totally and utterly, preciously fabulous!

It reminds me of when we were younger, my bro and I. Fighting like cats and dogs.
Jealousy. Drama. Good clean sibling rivalry.
I bash your head in with my sippy cup and you break all my favorite crayons and leave me with only the yellow-orange and the white one.
(Like WTF is up with the white crayon?!? What is his purpose in the box? Crayon Equality?)

I'm excited to see how they interact with each other as they get older. Wonder how much of me and my bro gets replicated in our kiddoes. Should be interesting to watch. Do stay tuned...

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