Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trip to Texas: Mi Familia

Lizzie and Aunt Kristi: We have missed her since she came to our house in Va Beach. We saw Kelli and Daniel and Lilli also, but silly Mommy didn't snap pics. No surprise there ;P

Uncle Josh and one of his signature faces.
What face is that, you say?

This is both of them admiring the complexity of the ceiling fan.
And he's just... easily amused I guess

Lizzie and her Uncle Rickey.
He's silly, just like her!
I thought I had a picture with Aunt Nikki but I guess I didn't get one.
 Hopefully SHE took one and can send it back to me :)

And these handsome fellows are my nephews.
Buncha handsome boys they are!

And last but not least, My BFFFFFFF, Brian!

He's the bestest and kindest; good-heartedness all around!
We shall call him PawPaw Brian :)

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