Thursday, December 3, 2009

The grabbing the legs thingy...

Ah. The holding the feet thingy. I have been watching E, waiting for her to realize she can (a) grab things and (b) control her feet. She still can't necessarily "grab" things. She won't grab for a rattle or reach up when I go to lift her out of her bed. But she has finally mastered the holding the feet/leg concept. I'm not sure of the technical term for it.

Alright you two, get in my mouth NAO!

I am mostly excitedly anticipating when she will eat her toes. Like, I know that's gross. Really gross. And if it were any other human being, say my husband, I might vomit and take him to the pound. There's just something about a baby eating thier own feet that is quite interesting to most folk. Or maybe it's the jealousy over the whole flexibilty thing. Either way, it's entertaining and at 3 and a half months, she finally realizes the first step to doing it.

cannnn-nonnn-ball !!!

(And yes, I KNOW she's utterly delicious and you want to eat eat eat her now now now, please and thank you. With some Nutella. Mmmmmm, Nutella...)

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katquilter said...

She is delicious! She had better save some of those baby toes for The Gramma! Baby Toes is Gramma's FAVORITE snack!