Saturday, December 5, 2009

Guess who learned to sit !?!?

If you guessed Chewie, you are wrong!

He is still learning to sit and stay seated.

But if you said E, then you are right! Kinda....

We got her this Bumbo-style chair thingy with a tray thingy with toys and cups. I'm not so good with the baby gear descriptions so here's a pic:

Reasons why I like it:

1. It's really colorful. Babies like color. Babies are interested in color. Babies will sit down and shut their milk-holes for seven minutes to stare at the pretty colors. Seven minutes. Which is exactly the amount of time it takes to heat up a mug of already cold coffee, pee with the door open to watch said baby-looking-at-pretty-colors, pop some Tylenol and then run back. It keeps her occupied!

2. It makes noise, but not too much noise. I respect the fact that, like, your brain is developing. And it needs stimulation. What I can't stand is obnoxiously loud and repetitive torture devices toys that exist merely as Excellent Gifts for Ass-hats you Hate. Like drum sets or the Popper. Or anything that plays cheesy songs or happy elevator music or says words that can be "mixed" DJ style (the cow says, the cow, the cow, the cow says moooo). Gimmie a slight rattle or maybe a stylized version of some classical music and I'll be happy. She likes the sounds. It keeps her occupied!

3. It spins. You can spin around in the seat and have access to 360 degrees of awesome. Which means that the slightest movement on her part and she is now looking at a brand new set of toys. Which is good because E's attention span right now is about as long as my husband's when he is playing video games. Well, maybe about twice that long. I doubt she remembers by the time she makes it all the way around that she's back where she started so IT KEEPS HER OCCUPIED!

And it also keeps her sitting upright which, to E, is her God-given right and by golly, don't you forget it!

And it has a seat belt which makes me feel better when she dives forward to try to nom nom nom the shinies.

And it was cheap as hell at the NEX.
You know Mama loves a good deal :)

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katquilter said...

Look how preciously even more adorable she is than last week! Has anybody done the math on this? Is it even possible??!!