Sunday, January 3, 2010

Random Pictures...

Just wanted to get in some pictures I guess got lost in the filing cabinet.

You know.... of the computer.


October/November 2009

 In Texas, visiting with Aunt Christie @ 2 months old. 

Uh Oh. Stealing baby toe nibbles! 
Gramma's gonna be SOOOOO jealous!

Holy shit, where have you two been hiding my whole life?!?
(3.5 months old)

Whoever invented this carrying position is NOT COOL!

Totally thrilled to be chilling out with one of Stephen's best friends.
(4 months) 


December 2009

Say cheese!
...but don't hurt yourself....

I try to turn the cuteness level down a notch but it's SOOOOOO HARD!

Future Rapper?

two seconds later, she spit in his mouth...
I almost died...


Yeah... he loves her...


Classic E: sleep fighter / zoning


...but she's no match for us!!






seriously... they are best buds!



Yup, she's our daughter...


Can't grab toys yet but TOTALLY gets the "put things in the mouth" thingie


girl in pink dress...
always a crowd pleaser


baby wind mill !!!


Are your eyeballs bleeding from all the cuteness yet?

Sit like a lady = FAIL


over-enthusiastic for milk


Ever since that bebe got here...
I gets no love... 

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