Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These Hands...

At the beginning of the month, E really started mastering this whole hands issue.

She finally figured out that she could hold things.

She could SHAKE them!

And most important of all, she could bang the everlovin' SHIT out of things.

She grabs something, pumps her arms up and down, and works herself up into a frenzy.It is during this frenzy that she also just.... lets go.... of said object. Where ever it lands, so be it. Usually smacked in her face or mine or the dog's. It's dangerous around here. Bring eye protection.

Unless it's out of reach of course, and in that case, you better pick it up and return it to her, like Now.

Can you finish rinsing that dish in your hand?
ummm... No.
Can you eat a few more bites of your breakfast?
Hell No!
Can you finishing typing just ONE whole SENTENCE on the blog?!?
Hold on, be right back
GOSHDAMMIT Nooooooo!!!!

Dance Monkey! DANCE!!

For about two days or so, she had me. I was so enthralled that she could grasp things. Which is just a hop and skip away from playing with toys. Perhaps alone even. On the floor, happily rearranging blocks or munching on plastic rings. Without demanding the Mom-Slave entertain her.

It's also refreshing to see her occupied for greater than a nanosecond during her wakeful time. I make sure she always has some colorful doodad or texture-y thingamajig at all times. It is mesmerizing to watch her learn about her ability to interact with the world. You can literally see each individual cog in her smart little baby brain as it turns over, engages, and spins. She is coming to terms with principles and relationships that we take for granted as common sense.

In the past week or so, she has really blossomed though, into a grabbing, tugging, smacking fool.

Before, you had to dangle goodies in front of her face and sorta coax them into her palm. This was entertaining but tiresome. You never knew how long you had before she dropped her shiny and melted down. It was after a few of these meltdowns that I realized I needed to help her help herself. Teach her to fish and all that jazz.

Instead of rescuing her and placing it back in her palm, I would wait and watch her problem solve. Half the time the toy would be somewhere within reach. It would be wedged under her arm or tucked solidly in between her knees. I would nudge it and encourage her to get it herself. I dropped massive hints to her but she just couldn't get it. She gets that from her father. (DIAMOND EARRINGS YOU NUMBNUTZ!)

And oh boy did she get PISSED.
Oh God, so hilariously, ludicrously ticked off.
Screaming and thrashing and putting voodoo hex spells on me.
I laughed so hard.
(((Poor Monkey)))

But it worked. After a few days of making her figure it out, she stopped melting down when she dropped stuff. She would look for it and feel around and be very Sherlock Holmes about it. If she couldn't find it, she'd just stuff her hands in her mouth and look casually over at me, all "I didn't want it anyway"...
(side note: OMG she's going to be just like me. You know, in the bad way...)

I'm so proud of her. She's just growing and discovering things and it's so rewarding to see her learn.


 She's one step closer to world domination...


I give up Daddy, where's the washrag?


katquilter said...

Who loves that baby?

That's right!! Gramma does!

katquilter said...

Who loves that baby?

That's right!! Gramma does!

Lauren said...

Came to your blog after reading your comment on Becoming Sarah - sounds like you are living the same exact sleep issues as me! Did you have any idea that tired had this whole other level?

Gena said...

Nope. Never. Not in college cramming for physics finals. Not in the Navy, being deployed in a combat zone. Not. Ever.

I just sit by her bed and try to talk her through it. I thought surely by 6 months old she would be sleeping like 12 hours a night. She slept the first few nights in her crib but it ended up being a fluke and breaking my heart. She better be glad she's CUTE!

Thank God for the internet so we can let others know we are in the same boat and take reassurance in it. So many moms tell me "oh, my superstar wonder kid slept through the night since day one and sleeps 12 hours without fail". Some of those heifers are LYING!!!