Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is it bedtime yet?

Saturday Ramblings


Stephen: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Thinkin' about startin' a blog entry..."

Stephen: "Nice. Gonna make a Blentry?"

Me: "What?"

Stephen: "You know... Blog is short for WebLog. And a blog entry is a Blentry.... Get it?"

Me: "sigh........."


Oh Daddy.....
You slay me!


My muffin slept from 7pmish to Midnightish last night. Then I gave her a dream feed (where I pick her up without waking her and nurse her) and put her back down. With her hunger timer now restarted, I went to bed myself. She didn't wake up until this morning at 6amish. 

Earth shattering? Brag worthy? Yup. Sure as shit is.

My whole life right now revolves around how to achieve, maintain and enjoy MORE SLEEP. Like, more than 2 hours at a time. I have been in serious sleep deficit since I was 7 months pregnant. I am not functioning as sharply as I need to be. My thoughts are muddled and my humorous comebacks delayed. I cannot wait for this sleep situation to resolve itself. With or without NyQuil.


 Wait.... go back to the part where she's going crazy from me not sleeping enough....
That shit cracks me up every time!


One of my FaceBook friends had a status update that said "Random thought: what if in the future the use of nano technology enables us to fight colds, except, it's like a subscription to Norton where you gotta pay every year to stay "current."

And it made me think about every day when I boot up the ole' laptop and my Norton thingy screams at me to renew my subscription! NOW! You're not PROTECTED!  

And I am so lazy that I don't click to renew and I know I won't any time soon. 

And yet I can't even be bothered to click on the "Remind me in 15 days" bubble. I leave it on the "Remind me in 1 day" bubble and click "ok". 

See you tomorrow, daily reminder of my debilitating procrastination skills!


Ninja Baby sees your inadequacies and is recording them for future therapy sessions.


Most recent Awesome Movie Quote?

Wheeler in Role Models...


katquilter said...

A "blentry"..... spellcheck does not YET recognize it as a word, but it works for me!

If I had been drinking coffee, I might have splurted it out my nose at "dream feed".... HILARIOUS!!

p.s. spellcheck also does not recognize "splurted" yet it DOES recognize "spellcheck"..... interesting!

My Life As Mom said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! I about died laughing at the subtitle that had to do with her cracking up about your sleep issues. Nice.

I'm not even going to talk about my and my 3m olds sleep habits. You'd probably smack me. :-)

cazugie said...

My motto has always been: Never put off 'till tomorrow what you can put off 'till the day after that!