Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Storm'n 2010

Back in December, we were stranded in BFE, Virginia during the WINTER STORM 2009!!!!!!

I didn't take E out in the snow because she was just too little to even comprehend it and we didn't have baby tundra apparel packed. We stayed warm in the hotel and hunkered down to wait it out.


Fast Forward to January and we had the worst snow storm in forever. Over a foot on the ground. Ice everywhere. Nothing was open all weekend and the schools and bases were closed on the following Monday AND Tuesday. It was nuts! We let Chewie out in it and he was in doggie heaven. He would refuse to come in until he had been out there for hours, paws frozen and fur sopping wet from melted snow. Then he'd want back out in 30 minutes.

Go for it Buddy. Burn that energy off! A pent up Golden Retriever will drive you insane. I snapped some cute pictures of him because, again, it was just too much for E to enjoy.

No Sirs...
Iz do not have white powder problem.

Makes you wonder what they think is under all that snow.
You know, besides the GROUND.

Hai Chew, you got a little boogie hangin' off your...
Oh wait, no... you got it...

He does not mind the cold.

At all.

I can haz five more minutes to play plz?

Snowgasm Afterglow.

So when the forecaster called for ANOTHER weekend of snow, I figured I really needed at least one pic of E in cold weather gear amongst the flakes. It actually rarely snows here. Too close to the beach area.

So we put her in her cute pink coat...

pink-on-pink preciousness

...And we headed out to get some snapshots...
I took about a dozen pics and then we hightailed it inside. 

E really looked like she enjoyed all 3 minutes of it and I got a few cute memories of her captured on film. Which is all that really matters. 




katquilter said...

The Gramma approves! So adorable!

kbreints said...

Oh goodness... your golden is beautiful. We have one that is 12 and more grey then not now... love your blog!