Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Educating the Youth

E is cutting her second tooth and I have the plague (again) and there is NO SLEEP TO BE HAD in this whole damn house (by me at least).

Also, the world is out to get me...

And now that we have THAT emo moment out of the way, here's a short short few words.....


I often get a kick at the various ways people get to my blog. Some people click on my comments to other bloggers. Others may find me on someone's blogroll under Favorite Blogs (thanks guys!). And some people find me by Google-ing.

Yesterday's data revealed that someone got here by Googling “roofie uses”.

I know, RIGHT?! Now I can add “educational” to my blog description.

Thanks little buddy! (you know who you are) I hope I was able to help you!

Now I can cross that off my bucket list.


I still get comments about how much cursing goes on in this blog. Ummmm, I don't know what to say?

I mean, it's my blog right?

When you're reading it in your head, can't you just self-bleep the dirty words? Or just skip over them and enjoy the content? Or stop reading maybe? I don't even know...

I appreciate the concern, I really do, and I know one day E will read this but isn't that a good thing? It's an honest look at her infanthood. Won't it be great to say “See? Look how crazy it was and we still all came out okay.” (Or alternatievely, "See? Mommy's always been that way.....")

I blame the Navy for all the foul-mouthedness and just so you know, I try to take out at least half the “fucks” and “shits” before I hit publish. Except the ones that are needed for content. Or humor. Which is like, most of them. But I TRY.

So everyone who disaproves can suck it. Eat a bowl of D's.

(Except the disapproving family. I would never tell family to eat a bowl of D's. Ever. Unless they continued to email me about said language. Multiple times. And then, well, maybe a bowl of D's with sugar on top. I'm not cruel. *blush* )


I know I haven't been updating my blog much lately but *sniffle* I'M SICK *sniffle*

Cue the sympathy plx :)


Anonymous said...

No sympathy for the "WICKED"!!!

Lauren said...

Sometimes when I swear on my blog I get a little voice in my head that thinks - is this appropriate for a mom? But then I think, fuck, I get woken up every 3 hours by a crying baby, I have turned my body into her own personal milkshake dispenser and my conversational highlights include the color of my kid's poop and how to get out milk vomit from cashmere. So I'm thinking if anyone is allowed to to swear it is us mothers.

Lanie Ree said...

Nicely written! And I agree. It is your blog, not theirs. And they do not have to read it.

cazugie said...

Speaking as a member of the family here, I LOVE your blogs as they are. You are completely correct, if you don't like what is being said, either don't read it or skip over it. I am learning photography and in doing this I take a rediculous amount of pictures of the same thing over and over again. It annoys some that I've taken 268 pictures of my budding bradford pear trea, I'm learning, I'm trying new things, changing the ISO, altering the F-Stop, adjusting the shutter speed, yes I'm taking a million pictures of what seems to be the same thing, get over it, move on, don't look, or skip it, but get over it. Often I wish I could be as brazen as you are, I actually admire you for putting it all out there. I believe that it's better to let it out than to keep it all bottled up inside ready to blow! So, you go girlfriend, be yourself!