Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm not dead....

So thanks for asking...

And OMG I'm back. For good this time. Well, you know, until something else MAJOR comes along.

My MIL came to stay with us for 2 weeks (YAY!). I fully intended to utilize that time to spruce this pig sty up a bit and then spit out post after post of self-deprecating potty humor for your utmost enjoyment, but that did not happen (obviously).

I always have big plans when The Gramma comes down but all that goes by the wayside in favor of Sleep! Gossip! Showers! Sleep! She takes E and I spend my baby-free time by consciously exerting as little physical and mental energy as possible. Seriously. I fold my loyal to-do-list into the most intricate of origami swans and then plot and scheme against the Gramma to keep her in her jammies as long as possible. Let's slum it up together so I don't look so bad. Take one for the team Gramma!

We also got deathly ill with whatever the newest SARS/BirdFlu/H1N1 crap was going around. I don't know exactly what I got but it sucked balls. My throat hurt and my intestinal tract roiled uncontrollably. I felt like my head was full of cotton and maybe I was high, but, like, without any of the good feeling..... that I've read about.... you know, on the interwebz.....

I was also going to finally unpack the last of our moving boxes and finish some sewing I had on the back burner but that didn't happen either. Not that you care too much about my domestic deficiencies, I know.

Surprisingly enough, I didn't receive a single email about “O HAI, I noticed yur house haz gone to shitz and wuz just worried if you wuz doin ok or not.”

But I DID get the “Remember back in the day when you updated your blog more often and everyone loved to read your new shit and gawk at your funny pics? THAT DAY HAS APPARENTLY PASSED. Unfollow.”

Whatever, fair-weather followers. REAL LIFE HAPPENS.

Now look at me, getting all defensive and guilty conscious-y and stuff. Most of you probably didn't even notice my slackerness. My lack of posting. Disregard all that yelling and pay no attention to that psycho lady flailing around and blaming the world for her issues. She just needs to take her Zoloft.

After the Gramma left, I went through a week or so of the unavoidable depression that always follows her departure. After all the chatting and laughing and baby help, I find the house particularly quiet and uneventful when Stephen goes to work and I am left alone with E. It takes some getting used to again.

Soooooo... that should catch us up. I am in dire need of beauty sleep (nodding your head in agreement is NOT necessary) and I spent tonz of time updating Daily Lizzie tonight so we will resume this discussion in the morrow. (I know, you can HARDLEY WAIT! Me neither!)


Rhiannon Houser said...

Hey, Gena!

I LOVE your blog and you are inspiring me to start one just to keep a written history of the funny/notsofunny times in our family, too.

Know that I am a phone call away (especially when my cell is charged & NOT locked in my car with my purse!). Call my home phone. I miss you, my friend.

~Rhiannon :)

Sarah @ said...

I'm glad you're back and I'm sending warm thoughts and all that crap.

But let's be honest. I'm really just glad I get to see more Lizzie photos. It's about damned time, woman. I don't care how sick you were.

KIDDING. (Kind of.) (Ish.) (A little bit.)

P.S. The other day, I met up with an old friend of mine whose sarcasm radar is (and has been for years) totally broken. We were halfway through dinner and I totally had this moment of "you know who would get that joke? GENA FROM THE INTERNET-TERNESS."

Thought you'd appreciate that you've crept up into my daily thoughts.

Lauren said...

Sick and sleep deprived? My pity is traveling full speed your way. The daily Lizzie shots are great - that's one photogenic kid you got there. Now go take a nap.