Friday, April 2, 2010


100th POST! Woo Hoo!

(And YES, I am absolutely counting the first posts I did which were all pictures of my boring gigantor pregnant belly. Because I'm the boss. Of this blog.)


Don't ask what super cool original April Fool's Day awesomeness I whipped up. I'm lame. I didn't do anything.

SERIOUSLY! Leave me alone! I know you expect better from me (sad face).

I wanted to be all “ZOMG WTF I”M PREGNANT!!!!11!!1!” on Facebook and twitter but:

(a) that's LAME and overdone.

(b) Knowing me, my overly fertile female bits would conspire to spit out a rogue egg that would fertilize itself and SURPRISE! Preggo my eggo! And that can't happen because *shudder* one. baby. at a time. please God.

(and scarily, “b” is more likely to happen because I am so hideously fertile, if I don't wear a condom while watching a porno, I'm impregnated.)

(seriously..... ask my gyno....)

(you know, or not.... because that's uber weird)

(for everyone involved)

But have no fear, I hereby rescue this lame post with Pictures! Of E!


(((Alternative Title: The Overzealous Abuse of Parenthesis Post.)))

Cloth Diapered Butts.
I am powerless against their preciousness.


I can has brudder nao?
or sister?

Daddy: This aint so bad.....
Mommy: Okay, well then you get to be preggo with the next one. My treat.


Yes, those are Mommy's glowsticks.
And yes, that's how we roll.....

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