Sunday, May 9, 2010

Muther's Day OH-TEN

Mine was wonderful**. Was yours? 

I'd blog about it but I'm deathly tired and I'm calling it a night.

Yes, I have started a post for tomorrow. Yes, I will ATTEMPT to publish it tomorrow.

After that? 

No promises <3


**Mine was actually super duper wonderful and memorable. I got a new necklace for my charms and mucho Baby-Free time. Also: coffee in bed (swooooon).

Shout outs to my mommy friends and my mommy bloggy friends and my mommy family people.

Special shout outs to the Gramma and the Gammy from myself and from Miss Elizabeth (I almost put Mrs. Elizabeth because I have no brain juice left and yes, clearly I need more sleep, hence the shortie post).

Also to my Aunt Vickie who has always been like a mother to me. And let me borrow money in the past. And let me cry into the phone for hours. You're a peach.

One last one to my own mother. We haven't really known each other and we don't really stay in touch but hey, you can't get rid of me. I gotz your DNA. You're stuck with me so stop running away from me. No, seriously, STOP RUNNING. I'm fat and I can't keep up.



Can barely keep my eyes open lately.....

More tomorrow ( I hope :)

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Lauren said...

Happy belated Mother's day! My attempt to get 2 Mother's days failed (they celebrate it in March in the UK). When I told Stephane it was Mother's day in the states and you know, where's my jewelry he just said: Eloise, wish your mother a happy day.