Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The days. The hours. THEY ESCAPE ME.

I don't want to blog at all lately. I want to eat the last two cupcakes in the kitchen and then take a nap.

Okay, that's a lie. I already ate those last two cupcakes a few minutes ago. But I'm still wanting that nap. So. Bad.

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with baby Geis #2 and these 20 weeks have raced right by me. They have vanished into thin air. The first trimester was a blur because I needed like seven naps a day. I figured the second trimester, the supposed "honeymoon phase", would be a place to relax and regain some energy.

That would have been awesome except then Stephen made Chief. He is getting promoted to E-7. Unlike the other promotions, this one involves an "initiation" period. I'm not at liberty to go into the details but I'll sum it up as five weeks of Homework, Late Nights, and Last-Minute Scavenger Hunts. He is exhausted, I am exhausted, Lizzie is amazingly MORE energetic. It's been fun.

Two more weeks. Two more weeks.


At Lizzie's one year check-up, the doctor was concerned at some of her social milestones she is missing. One of them was her lack of pretend-play with baby dolls or stuffed animals. I was totally freaked out, just like last time when the doctor was worried because she wasn't clapping. That very day, after we got home, she grabbed her baby doll, that she has never even looked at before, and started playing with her face. I mean, really? Gawd.....

And now, when Daddy gets home, she crawls over to his lap and climbs on him and lays her head down on his shoulder and pats his back. Never to me. Just to Daddy. FML....


No, Lizzie isn't walking. STOP ASKING. I'm totally getting a complex about it. She is 13 months and she pulls up and cruises but she HATES to be led to walking. She is the fastest crawler I have ever seen so I doubt she walks soon. I'm not too bothered because I'm just starting to get "really" pregnant and Mommy's too old/fat/preggo to chase a walker. Especially a new walker who's always falling and getting into sticky situations and making havoc.

Course, she's probably teaching herself to walk in the middle of the night, in her crib, and she's waiting to get good and stealthy at it before she surprises the shit out of me and like, runs out the door and into the street. Naked. Screaming obscenities. BECAUSE THAT'S SO LIKE HER.


Baby Geis #2 has a name. Her name is Charlotte. She is a girl. I can't believe we will have little sisters tearing through this joint soon. IT IS SO REAL NOW.

She is active and I have been feeling her since about 17 weeks. With Lizzie, I had an anterior placenta so I barely felt her kicks by 23 weeks. Charlotte is the opposite. Her placenta is in the back and that girl is a mover!  Also, she is always starving. Seriously. Like, right now, I have to go and scrounge up some chocolate. Sorry, interewbz. Duty calls.


The Lease Family said...

First off Wohoo! on the pregnancy. Congratulations!

Second Congratulations to your hubby too. Wonderful!

Third, don't worry so much about the milestones (I know, easy for me to say). If she is pulling herself and cruising she will be walking before you know it. She just knows that crawling is faster so she does that. She just too smart. :)

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Eat, my love, eat, and eat some more. My daughter didn't walk unassisted until past fourteen months--too busy with other things like talking and thinking!! Lizzie will no doubt, as you suspect, walk when she's ready.

Congrats to the new E-7 in the family.

I enjoy reading your blog, thanks.

Kristi said...

just for the record, studies show that late walkers have more balance and overall steadiness than normal aged walkers.

just sayin.....

Kristi said...

just for the record, studies show that late walkers have more balance and overall steadiness than normal aged walkers.

just sayin.....